Poodle grooming (clipper suggestions) im in canada.

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Wiliam C

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Barked: Wed Sep 18, '13 3:41pm PST 
I have a normal clipper (I got it from walmart on the picture it had a dog on it) however it's only a one speed and works well with some types of coats but doesn't work well with curlier coats (I do some light dog grooming for a few clients) anyways, my question is can Groomers or even those who groom their poodles make some suggestions on clippers that would work better for curly coats like a poodle (I am getting a poodle in the new year) and want to be able to give her proper clips and styles that the clipper I have just wont work) Any suggestions on clippers that I can get IN CANADA would be great!! also any suggestions on brushes/scissors for poodles would be great (I already have some of the "basics" but welcome any suggestions!!

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Andis Clippers are good, I know a bunch of groomers that use that brand. That or Oster.
Charlie- Chaplin

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I'm assuming Amazon ships to Canada...

I ordered the Wahl 9281-210 Pet-pro Kit 13 Piece Pet Grooming Kit - Deluxe Series, Chrome/gray because I didn't have the money for anything more. I use it on my portuguese water dog Chaplin -- it's really great. I'm sure the more expensive ones are even better (logically) so my vote is in for Wahl.

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No, we have a Canadian Amazon and it's not as good as the American Amazon. I sugguest you just buy from Canadian retailers.




Rens is in Ontario, big company. Tybrushe is in Alberta, small company that does the shows and has great service.

I have a two speed andis clipper and I use the ceramic edge blades, my friend is a groomer and she says they need to be sharpened less often but I would assume that depends on what type of coats and how dirty they are etc.

As far as scissors it's best to buy those in person if possible to find which ones feel best in your hands. But in general a pair of straight, curved and small trimming ones should start you off.
Wiliam C

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thanks I actually live about half hour from Rens I'll look into that