Help! My mini schnauzer got his hair cut too short.

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Ava & Nix

Suburban Farm- Dogs
Barked: Sun Jul 21, '13 3:29pm PST 
"This does not mean I do not like the schnauzer and it does not mean I shouldn't have chosen this breed."

Just had to pipe in when I read that, because I agree. I love the papillon. Will probably never own one because I'm more of a medium/large breed person, but if I WERE to own a small breed it would be a papillon, hands down. BUT, I hate excessive ear fur, and no breed's ear fur is more excessive... so I'd always opt to keep the ears cut short if I ever got one. A lot of people question why I claim to love the breed if I don't like their trademark butterfly ears, but it's their awesome personality. Not the way they look. smile

So just wanted to add that I agree--a Schnauzer doesn't always need to have a Schnauzer cut. I think your puppy is really cute! He does look like a teddy bear!

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Barked: Sun Jul 21, '13 3:40pm PST 
Thanks Ava and Nix!
I am glad someone feels the same way. I am sure my little "teddy bear" will be back to his old self in no time.
I appreciate the support.

Sassy Britches!
Barked: Wed Jul 24, '13 11:27am PST 
You could always bring in a picture next time of what you would like so they have a better idea and there is a better chance of getting what you want. blue dog

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