Recommendations for Lab Coat/Shedding?

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Barked: Sat Jun 8, '13 8:58am PST 
Ria is Lab/Border Collie.

She managed to get the Lab coat and shedding aspect. Fur everywhere, all the time. And not so much on clothes, as just falling to the ground and piling up around my house on the floors, and making my carpets BLACK(seriously, next time I let it go more than a day, I'll take photos), and every time I brush her out(with a deShedder or Slicker Brush, and sometimes both), I get a grocery bag filled with fur.

I'm starting to get a little frustrated, because no matter how often I clean my floors, I have stinky dog hair everywhere.

Maya actually shed much the same as Ria, and I never did really figure out what to do for Maya's fur either.

Thing is... I'm used to Charlie's level of shedding. Which MAYBE amounts to the same amount of fur in TWO YEARS, as what Ria sheds on a regular basis.

I have worked in a Daycare/Groom Shop before(the fur of Nordic breeds SUCKS! - hate it...), but I was never really dealing with the grooming aspect much.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

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I have a lab/border collie mix as well (mostly lab) and I've been blessed with a barely shedding dog. Have you considered that it might be a dietary thing? Feeding a diet that is high in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids in combination with zinc helps maintain skin and coat health which translates into less shedding.... I know some dogs shed badly and its linked to something lacking in their diet.

I also groom my dude everyday with a rubber curry brush and sometimes I'll use a furminator but he usually doesn't need it so I stick to the rubber brush. way to go

Hope that helps

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Sounds like its to do with diet to me, try a chicken free and that includes no chicken fat in ingredients , just found out jessie allergic to chicken and she has heaps of dandruff now and itchy alot. ive heard of dogs who have food allergies lose heaps of hair

Shiver Me- Timbers- "Charlie"

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Barked: Sat Jun 8, '13 8:19pm PST 
Oh god, it's definitely not allergies.

That said, her diet is fairly high quality. When I can't afford to feed raw, I feed Acana. I think it's more due to the constant weather changes our city goes through on a weekly basis, sometimes daily basis and she has a double coat to boot. Thanks though guys.

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I have never had an issue with any of my labs shedding other than the usual molt in the Spring. I never vacuumed more than once a week and have had up to five adult labs sharing my house with me. I vacuumed lots of chewed up things but very little hair.
I almost never brushed, but did give a warm bath when they started their annual shed to remove the loose hair all at once.
Quincy just dumped his puppy coat/winter coat and with a good bath it was over in less than a week and he is no longer shedding at all.
Doesn't sound like normal shedding to me.

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haha @ Quincy vacuuming lots of chewed up things.
Too true! wink

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When Sassy was chronically dehydrated she shed horribly. Next year when she was on subcutaneous fluids the shedding was much easier to deal with. We still had the body outline thing going on but she didn't have a gross hair cloud as she walked.

Max couldn't develop the muscle Sassy had on the same kibble, he does better on super high fat and protein raw. After a year on raw his fur was no longer sticky and fly away and this year after 5 years on raw he actually looks like a more or less normal dog.

Your girl may not be okay with the same food as everybody else. I would try mixing some water in her kibble now and think about mixing in some egg or meat or fish as well for more protein and fat.

And try a low tech version of the professional blow out for now. Give her a nice warm bath and massage outside so the drain doesn't get clogged and take her for a walk. I can do this on a day of 60*F and over, suspect she would be fine at that temperature as well. Take a brush or comb with you although I would just use my hand with Sassy. Ruffle her fur all over every five minutes and walk until she is completely dry, even under the chin and the feet as most of the hair comes out just as it is nearly dry. I put the fur mitt I got with each rub down into a plastic bag so as not to irritate the neighbors. This dramatically reduces the shedding for about a week and costs nothing, not even much time as you walk her anyway. A professional blow out might do the job for the season though.