Water washing

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Barked: Sat Jun 8, '13 3:31am PST 
I have two very active puppies, 10 weeks old. We live in Egypt, where it's hot (40C) and dusty! Everyt ime we go out, dust, car exhaust and sand collects on the fur and doesn't come out when brushed, so I have to wash my hands after every cuddle session (the water is black!).

I wash them with shampoo once a month, but during mid-day when it's very hot, I put them in the bathtub every other day and try to teach them to swim a little bit, clean between their fingers and the tear stains and sometimes put some vinegar on their coat.
Both puppies have matte type of fur, so it's not water repellant. I give them a once over with the hair dryer, but they run off the rest of the water and get completely dry within 20 min.

Will this cause their skin to get dry or is it good for them?

the chi-weenie
Barked: Mon Jun 17, '13 8:11pm PST 
depends on how thoroughly the puppies are being washed I think. If they are being washed thoroughly, water soaking through the fur and getting onto the skin, then they will most likely end up with dry skin. Oils are what keep the skin moisturized so washing away the oils in the skin will dry out the skin.

Have you tried wet wipes for dogs? or, the cheaper alternative would probably be to wipe them down with a rag. I don't imagine the dust is penetrating their fur, so a wet cloth could wipe it off, yes?

Monkey face
Barked: Sat Jun 22, '13 5:50am PST 
The dryer will dry their skin more than just wetting them with water will! It sounds like you're just rinsing them off every other day? That is fine. If it's warm outside you can forgo the blowdryer completely (as long as they have hair, not double-coated fur).

And it is perfectly fine to bathe them once a week as long as the shampoo you use is good quality, gentle (hypoallergenic), and you rinse thoroughly. Rinsing very well is key to preventing irritation, as any shampoo residue left behind will cause the skin to flake.

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Barked: Mon Jul 29, '13 5:55am PST 
I think you should not use the dryer because it can make the skin more dry. during the bath put the water properly on them or rinse their hairs properly. And always use the quality shampoo for giving bath to them. Also do not let the any amount of shampoo on their body because it can create the skin problems.