My dog goes hiking and/or dog park everyday and gets really dirty. Is it bad to bathe him every week

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I have a bichon/terrier mix (named Frankie) that goes on doggy adventures everyday, Monday-Friday. Needless to say, he is really dirty and stinky by day 5 after his last bath so I've been bathing him every week. I try to use the grooming wipes but they don't do much.

Is it bad to bathe Frankie once a week? I've noticed he's been itching so maybe I should switch to an oatmeal/sensitive skin shampoo if I do plan on bathing him every week?

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Earthbath makes a hypoallergenic dog shampoo u might like. They also make an oatmeal one.
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I have poodles and they say to bathe them once a week which I never do. My breeder who is an all breed handler/groomer rattled off a list of shampoos for me to use on the puppy I got from her. None of which were oatmeal based, maybe because she shows? Are you using a condition every time? Are you giving Frankie fish oil? If either of those are no I would start there. Also is Frankie longish? Are you sure he's getting dry right down to the skin quickly? When my girls are short I towel & air dry. When they're long I use a dryer.

Well right now my puppy isn't used to a dryer so even though she's short after every bath I turn on the dryer and play a little game with all the dogs where they walk through the force of the dryer to get a treat to get her used to the noise and pressure.

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I discourage people from bathing their dogs unless they get into something gross but for my lab puppy he's in the mud or swimming or rolling in goose poo all the time shrug So for him he gets a rinse once a week, sometimes more often.

I currently use a gentle horse shampoo for him (its what I have on hand) and I put some in the bath water and give him a rinse. I don't give him a heavy duty suds-ing bath, more like a rinse to get the dirt off. So far he's been fine, his coat is amazing but we'll see how it stands up...

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If it's dry dirt, a local Sheltie rescue recommended spraying and massaging Show Sheen into the coat after drying to help keep dirt at bay.