That new non-toxic dye specifically for dogs?

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Barked: Mon May 13, '13 2:40pm PST 
Does anyone have the link to that new pet dye stuff? I forgot what it's called. It was featured in a dogster article sometime ago.

It has the pictures of all those dogs, the one I'm particularly interested in is of the black dog with tiger stripes.

My pups are black and of course it's hard to get anything that shows up on them. There's a festive parade coming up and I would like to add a cute star or something to Baby's hip area.

Barked: Wed May 15, '13 8:05am PST 
I'm not sure exactly which dye you mean, but you can find two types for sale here:

Both are completely non-toxic and formulated for dogs with no harsh chemicals. The dye gel is semi-permanent and lasts through a few baths while the spray is very temporary and washes right off with the first bath. Hope that helps! smile
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Barked: Wed May 15, '13 11:21pm PST 
I'm still in the process of learning about dyes, but I can say on a black dog you can try Pet Paint or chalk. Never ever bleach a dogs fur or use any oxidizing dyes or anything that requires a developer. Only use true semi-permanent dyes like manic panic for example.


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Barked: Sun May 19, '13 5:45pm PST 
Thanks both of you! Petpaint was the one that slipped my mind but those sites are nice to check out too.

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Barked: Sun May 19, '13 10:51pm PST 
You'll find Pet Paint for cheaper on Petedge.com just a heads up.