After Gooming Depression.

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Sir Jack

Jack don't- Fetch!
Barked: Wed Mar 6, '13 7:55am PST 
My 5 Year old SHih Tzu had to get an emergency grooming a few days ago, he had some matts that would not go away and his hair was just too long for us to care for properly, a bit early in the season I know.

Well he hates it.

He is currently on a hunger strike and not at all himself without his fluffy hair.

HE just stares at me like I will Rue the day. Tried a few outfits made things worse. Even tried some steak. He did eat it, then however turned his back on me, how long till it grows out???

Poor, poor Jacky

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Jovi, NPC,- CEGE

Momma's boy and- proud of it!!!
Barked: Thu Mar 7, '13 9:54am PST 
Are you sure its the fact that he was groomed or did something happen during the grooming that upset.

Monkey face
Barked: Thu Mar 7, '13 6:04pm PST 
Are you sure it's the grooming, or might it be your reaction to his new haircut?

He might feel you're upset with something and think he's the cause.

He needs to be on a regular maintenance grooming schedule if you prefer him fluffy, not left to grow for the winter with no grooming. Shih tzus require grooming about every two months, more often if you prefer the hair longer than an inch and don't do a lot of combing at home.

I'm sure once his hair has grown in, you can get him back on track and keep the length you prefer.

Ava & Nix

Suburban Farm- Dogs
Barked: Sun Mar 10, '13 7:13pm PST 
I've heard about dogs who acted very differently after being shaved down. I even had an acquaintance with a St. Bernard who she had shaved for the summer (bad idea to shave a double coated dog anyways, but that's beside the point) and afterwards he didn't want to be seen. He'd look for places to hide.

Some say dogs don't know or don't care what they look like, because they're dogs and they're not self-aware, or something like that... but I disagree. The way some dogs act right after they've been groomed... some prance around the place after transforming from an ugly walking dust bunny in to a nicely groomed dog, others sulk and try not to be seen. It depends on the dog, but I really do believe they're capable of loving or hating their hairdos the way we love or hate ours, depending.

I'm not saying he definitely hates it and that's why he's been acting this way, but if that is the cause then it could take a little bit before he's gotten over it. He will get over it though, eventually. smile

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Barked: Mon Mar 18, '13 1:13am PST 
I'm with Ava&Nix on this one. It doesn't seem like the OP did react in a negative way about the dog's look after the grooming. It seems more like the dog not enjoying being shaved down. And I've definitely noticed some 'vain-er' dogs that seem to enjoy themselves when they have taken their haircuts.

One of my friend's dogs, Pluto, had his hair trimmed down. When he got home that afternoon, he pranced around my friend's house as if he were showing off his new do. big laugh
Augustus- Gloop

Cheese, Glorious- Cheese...
Barked: Tue Mar 19, '13 1:38pm PST 
It's possible that his skin feels differently. If the dog was matted, and had to be shaved down closely to remove the pelting, air to skin can make the dog feel uncomfortable. Think about having a rubberband around your finger, and when you take it off, all the blood rushes back...

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Barked: Wed Mar 20, '13 12:50am PST 
Augustus has a good point as well. Since he's gotten a little bit used to the matts protecting his skin from the air, well, that would explain his reaction or 'dog grooming depression'. Give it time, though.