Anyone using a recirculating bathing system?

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Barked: Sun Jan 20, '13 11:20pm PST 
So I made my own system with a utility pump in a 5 gallon bucket directly under the drain of my raised dog bathtub so the diluted shampoo goes over the dog and back into the bucket to be used again and again to get the dog really clean.

For the rinse cycle, I run a hose over from a utility sink. That drains into the bucket and the hose from the utility pump is now directed into the sink to drain the dirty rinse water away (I don't have a drain at ground level).

Does anyone else have a set up like this? The problem is that the sink and the pump each pump at different rates so I have to keep a close eye on my bucket.

Another problem is that the diluted shampoo foams so much when it recirculates that the foam over flows the bucket.

I'm wondering how to fix these problems.