Best smelling grooming products

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Barked: Thu Nov 15, '12 4:53am PST 
I'm always on the hunt for a nice smelling dog shampoo and conditioning mist. Problem is stores like Petco just have the same old stuff (much of it stinks), and I've been using Tropiclean baby powder scent for years on my furgirls and would like something new. But I notice that the pet store's grooming department uses different scents (like vanilla cupcake) also made by Tropiclean, although these "special" scents are not available for the public to purchase. I understand that this is their way of enticing more grooming business, but I would like to know if someone can tell me how we "non-professionals" can buy the better products as well? Any good websites?

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Barked: Thu Nov 15, '12 1:26pm PST 
At my shop I use Groomer's Edge shampoos, and I really like the smell of Desert Almond and the Oatmella shampoo. Oatmella is meant for treating skin conditions, but I really like the smell of it anyway. Reminds me of bubblegum! I buy this stuff by the gallon because I run my own grooming business, but I believe you can get it in smaller sizes. I buy my stuff at Ren's, and the stuff is available to the public. I'm not sure what other stores sell the stuff, Ren's is a Canada only store I believe.

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Barked: Fri Nov 16, '12 8:28am PST 
Two suggestions-both from Petco

Buddy Wash-comes in three different fragrances and last for days, soft fur too

I saw a new line I haven't tried yet-at Petco-that is like a candy/cake scented collection. Think there was like vanilla frosting, gummy bear...some really unique ones.


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Barked: Tue Dec 4, '12 3:55pm PST 
Amazon.com sells some yummy smelling shampoos. I use Earthbath in my shop, and they sell a 16 oz bottle on amazon. I like the Mango Tango one.

Another brand that smells really good on Amazon is Nootie.

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Barked: Wed Dec 5, '12 4:34pm PST 
A secind vote for Earthbath products, we like all of 'em except for the green tea...but the Puppy shampoo is the best, it smells like cherries!

Barked: Thu Dec 6, '12 8:49am PST 
You can order the shampoos online if you know what you're looking for. Tropiclean has a whole bunch of stuff over at Petedge. The Top Preformance Oatmeal is one I really like scent wise. The green tea and mint is also pretty good.

I like Stazko best personally thought I will occasionally spring for a nice Chris Christensen or novelty shampoo.

Honestly I try not to go over the edge with scents because while I find some nice I can't imagine how they smell to my dogs.
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Barked: Thu Jan 17, '13 8:36pm PST 
There is a lady that comes into our salon with her 3 poodles that uses Prarie Rose shampoo... i think it smells awesome, but one of the other girls think it stinks. Its really strong, but i still think it smells great. we have also had customers come in with buddy wash, which i think smells awesome as well. We use alot of nature's miracle shampoos in our salon, mainly a shampoo called plum silky, which is infused with a conditioner too. I think these can all be googled.

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Barked: Fri Mar 22, '13 5:53am PST 
Pet Head have got some nice ones Passion Fruit and Blueberry Muffin scents!!