Floor grate for tub

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Barked: Fri Sep 28, '12 8:51pm PST 
I made my own raised tub using an old bathtub, and building a frame for it. It's the perfect height for me, and there's a large back splash attached to it and everything, and even storage beneath it. It works great, but I was thinking about getting a grate to put in the bottom of the tub to raise the dogs up slightly so the water can drip off them better and they don't have to stand in it. I saw at the Ren's store they have plastic floor grids, that are pretty much what I want, except they are made a certain size for the tubs they sell at the store, and are too wide to sit in the bottom of my tub!

What I'm wondering is, if anyone has another solution for this, or perhaps have made their own floor grid that they find works just as well?

If all else fails I could probably buy the grid I saw at Ren's and cut it to size, but I was hoping to avoid that.

This is sort of what I'm looking for: http://www.renspets.com/groomers-best-floor-grid-hinged-for-48-tub.h tml

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