Color dyed dogs?

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Ch. Ali, CGC

We don't do- doodles!!
Barked: Sun Sep 16, '12 7:01pm PST 
Ali's ears stayed green for 6 months from her kool aid!!
Jackson Tan

Lad about town
Barked: Sun Sep 16, '12 9:57pm PST 
He looks bald. eek Like as in, sphinx cat pink skin bald. I hope it washes out.
Jewel, PCD

8.6lbs of fury- in a bow!
Barked: Mon Sep 17, '12 12:37pm PST 
Ali's colour stayed in 6 months because she's a poodle, Gamma's going to shed his colour out. If you want it out faster do whatever it is that makes dog shed more...warm bath and a brush out etc.

The thing is it won't come out even like Ali's ears grew out. If Gamma sheds more on his back then his legs then he's going to have pink speckled legs and a white back. I used to colour the white patch on my cocker mix as kid and as it shed out it was always uneven.


Waitin' at the- Rainbow Bridge
Barked: Mon Sep 17, '12 3:16pm PST 
oh goody. and since he hardly sheds as is its going to be a long wait i assume. well i guess thats just how it is. he doesnt seem to notice any change except maybe he smells more fruity now. lol
Theodore aka- Teddy - **CGC**

Big Head. Big- Heart.
Barked: Mon Sep 17, '12 6:59pm PST 
I just looked at your photos with hopes of finding out why your dog is so pink and you explained the cause as this "No, my mom thought it would be cool if i would have blue flames on my legs with professional doggy dye and ended up dumping the whole tub of red powder in the bath tub (which i like to lay in while getting my bath)". Was it that or the kool-aid mix dumping on Gamma during a football game?

Gone, But Not- Forgotten.
Barked: Mon Sep 17, '12 7:00pm PST 
thinking That's funny......In the comments section of your profile picture, you wrote that you dyed it that color on purpose. shrug

I want to play!
Barked: Mon Sep 17, '12 7:56pm PST 
I'm not fan of dying and not fan of people changing stories..

One person I know of changes stories on too many things.. a pup has inguinal hernia and the person keeps her intact and she is bred..

The owner said she was fixed, but according to ad last year she had pups. didn't know fixed dogs can have pups! eek
Toto, CD, RN, CGC

We don't do- doodles!!!
Barked: Tue Sep 18, '12 5:09am PST 
There is a whole world of difference between "spilled koolaid" and what your dog looks like! Wonder how much of that dye he has absorbed thru his skin??? Must be real good for him!
Normal pet dyes do not even get to the skin... it is only used on the exterior part of the coat and the dog is NEVER dipped or bathed in it!!!

Barked: Tue Sep 18, '12 6:04am PST 
Yeah there's no way your dog got evenly colored throughout if it was "spilled on accident" I'd figure his front paws and the top half of his body would be splashed and that's it. =/

too old to eat- any more KD
Barked: Tue Sep 18, '12 11:59am PST 
I agree that something is a bit off, here. There are conflicting stories,... koolaid, dye?... and the dog looks like he was dunked, not splashed with color. Plus you say you wanted "cool blue flames"..how do you end up red?shrug
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