severe itching after grooming - twice

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Barked: Tue Jul 24, '12 2:40pm PST 
My dog is 4 years old and has been groomed all his life;
In the past two groomings, Tobey has itched so much after - even tries to do it while walking which scares me - looks like a stroke happening.

I moved to a more personal grooming service which doesn't use high power blower. He didn't itch as much, but still did.

Anyone else's dog have a sensitivity to the blowdryer?


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my Joe used to like that before and sometimes make me annoying.so i chose to give him a shower.lol..
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Barked: Thu Jul 26, '12 5:32am PST 
Sounds like the shampoo isn't getting off him. Which is very bad. You need to make sure ALL the shampoo is rinsed out of him completely and its best that he is force air dried. That way I blasts excess water (and sometimes shampoo residue) off the skin first thing, then the coat dries much quicker.

I wouldn't take my dog back to a groomer that leaves shampoo on them. That's rinsing a dog 101.


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My first guess would also be that they aren't getting all of the shampoo off. My second is that either you've changed salons (because I can't tell if it's before of after the itching) or the salon had changed shampoos. They may be using a shampoo that irritates his skin. Make sure they're using a good quality shampoo (not oatmeal with can actually dry skin) and preferably a nice quality conditioner

And yes... force dryers are the best. They get the coat clean dry and straight when used correctly. This could also mean you have a lazy bather who isn't getting him dry completely but letting him kennel dry.
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I'm going to agree with both posters...not enough rinsing, AND don't blame the force dryer, blame the force dryer operator for not getting the dog completely dry.
And, as with ALL allergies, an allergy to ANY ingredient in shampoo can develop at any time in a dog's life, no matter how many times it has been successfully used before. I would strongly suggest getting your own hypoallergenic shampoo AND conditioner and bring it with you to the groomer for them to use.

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Even our hypoallergenic shampoo makes some dogs itch 'uncontrollably'. It's our default in dogs we don't know but we have others to try. We have two bathers who rarely if ever miss shampoo so it's jjust one of those things.
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I would also like to mention that using a force dryer is way more labor intensive than just putting the dog in a crate to cage dry or air dry. I would consider that MUCH more personal than just cage/air drying as well, since the person doing that blow drying is also providing hands on to your dog the entire time it is drying, along with extra brushing as well. And, there is the issue of safety, if they are using a cage dryer. Again, a force dryer is human operated and a dog will not be left in a crate with a too hot dryer and no one paying attention with force drying. I have NEVER heard of a dog's skin being sensitive to drying... it is way more likely that something else is the problem, NOT the dryer.
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Barked: Fri Jul 27, '12 2:54pm PST 
I know some groomers put a scented spray on the dogs as a final touch, could be your dog is sensitve to a product like this or other scented item that's being used.

Is it just one area of itching or full body? Jewel doesn't like having her bum shaved and fusses for a day or two after it's done.

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It might be the shampoo not being rinsed off completely. We used to use a viniger rinse on some dogs with sensitive skins to help remove soap residual then rinse them again. Also ask them not to use any perfume sprays afterwards.
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What kind of dog is Tobey, and what does a "grooming" consist of?

Coat type and methods of trimming - or even just the order things are done - can make a difference. I've seen dogs come out of groomer's with prickly shaved hairs still stuck in their coat, which itches terribly no matter who you are.

Shampoo is a likely culprit too, as mentioned. A forced air drier is literally just forced air - if anything it's good for the skin and coat. I always try to plan extra time for the drier when I groom my girls. If there is an existing skin irritation, being pummeled with forced air could aggrivate it but it would not cause it.

You may also have a secondary cause totally unrealted to grooming. Allergies around here have just been bad this season. Both girls are a little runny-eyed and scrunching their backs if I scratch the right place. I'm seeing other dogs I've known for years suddenly coming up with rashes, sores and chronic itching.