Coat changing color(white hairs?)

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Barked: Sat May 26, '12 8:48am PST 
question for groomers out there since trimming Mozart down I noticed alot of white hairs coming in through his coat, like by his tail and back. Mozart is like a tan brown color with white under his neck so my question is could he turn white? At what age does the coat color stop changing and stay the same? Mozart is 8 months old will be 9 months old soon.

I know he is a mixed breed so it is hard to tell, but he was bred with a Bichon Frise and his brother was all white.

I am Fearless
Barked: Sat May 26, '12 5:22pm PST 
what do you think? I wonder if he is going to turn all white or just have patches of white
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Bingley is going to be 4, and his hair still does subtle changes, but nothing to the extent as when going from puppy to adult colors. Emmett only ever lightened a tad, and Martika faded quite a bit. It all depends on what gene they ended up with... Bingleys mom went from a black dog to nearly white, but he didn't inherit that fading gene... his colors changed, but didn't fade away.

One thing you could try, is look at your pups roots, usually you can see the changes going on in the hair color that way. Bingly's hair changed so often his hairs looked striped. When Martika came home, she had a full show coat, so I could see her gradual color change from puppy colors to adult from root to tip, it was kind of neat.

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Barked: Sun May 27, '12 4:11am PST 
Our newly adopted 2 year old SP arrived essentially "shaved" at our daughters house about six weeks ago. He has lived with us for about a month and each day, as the hair grows, more and more white hair appears all over his body. He is a 2 year old and a purebred, with papers, but medium sized. He started definitely "black" and is beginning to turn sort of "black with white." His hair texture is quite varied, primarily most similar to a Portugese Water Dog. Interesting! Is this common?

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Barked: Sun May 27, '12 6:00am PST 
My friends has 2 SP's (tara and jake) and when Tara, the chocolate female, turnt around 2 years old her coat started turning white. She asked the breeder about it because her groomer had no idea, the breeder said that some poodles coats turn white and it is called "silvering"....sounded weird to me but i have seen Tara and she is definitely turning white. Very interesting!

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It depends on the dog. Risa is seal-colored with some white areas on her. I got her a 2.5 years of age and, as she has matured, she's gotten a LOT more white hairs. Not just around the muzzle but on her toes, shoulders, neck, base of her tail. . .they've started just popping up everywhere! It's genetics and an age thing: some dogs just lose pigment in their coats as they get older just like people do!

Young Risa

Risa at 8 years old
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I know that with the silver & blue poodles they're about 4 before the colour really clears. I don't know about lighter colours.

There's also something called "grizzled" where random white hairs come up through the coat.

Since he's a mix there's no way to predict what's going on or when it will stop. It might be a fun project to take monthly pictures and document the changes.
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he isn't going to "turn white" but will probably have a bunch of white guard hairs coming in.