Tear Stains?

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Barked: Tue May 8, '12 9:31pm PST 
Hey guys. My shih tzu mix has had TERRIBLE tear stains ever since he came into my life about 10 months ago. I've tried so many eye wipes products, liquid removers, etc. that either didn't help or made the problem worse. I've been giving him Angels' Eyes for about two months with a bit of improvement (I think?) but it's hard to tell because the stains have to grow out and be cut out and it's basically meant to prevent future tear stains, not take them away. I've also asked his vet and numerous groomers for product suggestions and they always say they have no idea.

After reading some more online recently, some people have expressed concerns about what's in Angels' Eyes and said it's made their dog sick. Carter has been absolutely fine but I'd rather be safe than sorry. I hate how bad his stains are because it makes it look like I don't take care of his grooming needs and I do, and they also seem a little itchy for him sometimes. Has anyone found anything safe that actually works to prevent tear stains? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated smile

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Honestly Angel eyes is what I would reccomend, I've seen it work wonders ,you're going to want to use the whole line though, and mainly the powder for a more immediate visual difference. Make sure his food is free of unnecessary grains and dyes, and beet pulp, its an unnecessary filler.
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Angel eyes contains the antibiotic, Tylosan. I personally will not give my dogs an antibiotic long term for any reason and feel it is only contributing to the already serious problem of antibiotic resistant disease.
First, you need to get a good exam by a veterinary opthomalogist to rule out any medical or physical cause. Things like protruding eyeballs, too small tear ducts, excessive tearing due to allergies, etc., all contribute to tear stains.
There are MANY threads on this subject and everyone has their own opinion. In my case, I got rid of MOST all staining by switching my dogs to a grain free kibble. One of mine had a definite issue with chicken in her kibble, once I stopped feeding that she was fine.
Any remaining issues with my crew are directly connected to the seasonal use of my hot air furnace... once that is shut down the tear stains end.
Distilled water is supposed to be effective since tear stains are the result of ionization of minerals found in the dog's system, no matter what the cause of excessive tear production may be. That is not practical for me since I have multiple dogs but I will say, dogs I have had issues with and that are placed with people on city water suddenly have NO TEAR STAINS at all, so things like environment and water minerals DO make a difference.
Finally, keeping all tears cleaned and wiped away with a soft cloth will help prevent some of the staining, but it must be done constantly, not just once a day.


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I'm beginning to think he has an allergy to chicken, believe it or not! He was losing interest in the food I was feeding him last (it was a grain-free chicken based food), so I switched him to Acana Pacifica, which is fish based and has no chicken in it. His tear stains have improved about 75% since. I'm going to continue to keep him away from the chicken dog foods and treats from now on and hope that's what was causing it.