a guestion about the tale

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Barked: Mon May 7, '12 1:28pm PST 
i have a bichon and i would like to know if i cant cut all the hair off its tale i have had people tell me it wont grow back if i do is it true??????confused
Miss Lola- Luftnagle

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Barked: Fri May 11, '12 9:47pm PST 
As a dog groomer, I can promise you it will grow back. Had to shave many a tail off due to Matting. May take a while...

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Barked: Sat May 12, '12 10:13pm PST 
A bichon will be fine unless it has some underlying health condition that affects coat health.
Double coated breeds like chows, goldens, huskies, etc are when you should be wary. Sometimes, it really doesn't grow back. Or just ruins the coat texture to this awful cottony, shedding mess...