how to groom Shi-tzu

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I have One year old Shi-tzu his hair are terrible ! tangled and get dirty a lot ! I just find out it's not good to brush his hair without conditioner (is it ok to use regular human shampoo and conditioner ? I really want my dog to have long hair but have no idea how to groomed I went to petco and they just cut it very short (I hate it !) please help
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Its not good for a dog's skin to use human products on them. Have your dog shaved short and start over again with brushing the coat daily if you want to keep it long. It has to be brushed (combed once it gets long) daily.

If you want to bathe your dog at home Petsmart etc. sell shampoos and conditioners for dogs. They also sell brushes and combs.

You'll still have to do regular "full" grooming on the dog to keep it nice, I mean by washing, drying while combing out, and trimming the dog (hair from face, between the pads etc.) and it may be easier to just get on a good grooming schedule at Petsmart etc. for that.

You have a long haired breed that requires regular coat care. I'm sure if you have questions the groomers at Petsmart should be able to help you/answer them.