Haircut Ideas For Mozart??

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Barked: Tue Apr 24, '12 3:46pm PST 
Mozart is 7 months and has not received a full haircut he has been to the groomers to get nails done head trimmed up sanitary cut and groomed around the paw pads. But now that it is getting warmer here and summer will be here soon I need to get him trimmed down plus we have very bad fleas and ticks so with a long coat I do not think that would work out in the summer I like long coats in the winter. I was thinking of trims like these posted below I just don't know if Mozart's coat will work with these cuts? I also want to keep his tail very fluffysmile Does anyone have an other haircut Ideas for Mozart I want him shorter but not shaved I still want hair on him I guess I want his cut to be very round if possible.

http://fuzzywashe.com/yahoo_site_admin/assets/images/ PuppyCut2.18103937.jpg

http://media.photobucket.com/image/dog%20h aircuts%20styles/Suz22/Hpim1158.jpg

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I was only able to get the second photo to pull up.

I would try to find angles from the side, back, front if possible..
The groomer will be able to tell you about Mozart's hair texture.

Be very specific and ask the groomer to show you how much he/she plans on taking off.

Ask how much hair will be left on, and if you want, show the groomer how much hair you want left on, so you have a definite length to go by that you both agree upon.

One thing to remember is their coat acts as insulation--in a good way, keeping them actually cool in the summer.

But you are smart in wanting some hair clipped off, as his adult coat will be coming in, and it will just be easier to manage.

Ask if they have pictures of dogs they have done before--the same breed as Mozart, if possible, and see if there are any of the photos they have that appeal to you. If you see most of the photos with square looks, you may want to really stress you prefer the rund/teddy bear face and ask if they can do a rounded face.

Do not be afraid to ask if you want more taken off when you go to pick him up, or if something looks like it needs corrected, ask that it be corrcted.

Hope you have a pleasant experience--even take some pics and write down what about the pic appeals to you.
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Barked: Thu May 3, '12 8:56pm PST 
From the second pic you posted, it looks like a 1 guide comb on the body, and possibly an E gc on the legs, that were skimmed, and then scissor finished. The legs look really full, and as a groomer, when I do longer cuts, and there next appointment rolls around, I find matting, in the underarms, Inner legs, and the foot area. I would suggest, and easier to maintain length being a 1 gc body, with a 0 gc skimmed legs. Looks nice without being too hard to keep up. Like the facesmile

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I would probably use thinners more though around the snout, to take off the blunt edges. Thinners gives a softer look.

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I've heard the "their coat keeps them cool . . ." thing, but that hasn't been my experience. Kodiak is muuuuuuch more comfortable being shaved. He frolics and struts when he gets back from the groomer. He is much cooler in general, and when it's hot out, he can play in water and actually get wet, instead of having the water bounce off big grin. It's also fabulous not to have every inch of everything we own covered in dog hair, he smells a lot better, he can scratch an itch instead of ineffectually biting at his skin, and it's actually possible to clean him when he gets dirty. Of course, shaving isn't for everybody, but we like it.
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I also love Jewel long & fluffy but I give in the summer and buzz her off because she get so hot. It doesn't help that she's black.

A long coat in the summer is so different from a long coat in the winter. Hello, mud, dirt, grass, leaves & even sticks! Just wait till he rolls in freshly mulched grass and then wants in the house. laugh out loud

I keep Jewel in a Miami-ish cut, if you look on her page there's pictures of her doing agility in the Miami.

The cutest cut I saw on a Shih-tzu was my groomer's, it was a #7 body (same as Jewel's in her pics) with a fringe down the back of her legs. She looked like a little cowgirl!

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I agree with Miss Lola. A 1comb and 0 leg would be perfect. Anything longer would be hard to maintain. I would go shorter for the summer, like a 5f on the back and a 1 comb on the legs. I always think practical and comfortable.

I am Fearless
Barked: Sat May 5, '12 3:33pm PST 
What do you Guys think of this style of Haircut it is a teddy bear cut I love it, not sure if it will work with Mozart's coat he has a Bichon Frise kind of coat thick like cotton candy but with poodle coat mixed in it is straight when you comb it but then it goes back to being somewhat curly. Do you think a cut like this would Work? I guess I will just have to ask the groomershrug

http://www.poodleforum.com/attachments/poodle-pictures/16161d129 8471509-teddy-bear-cut-choco.jpg
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Barked: Sun May 6, '12 8:44pm PST 
couldn't open up the photo. Teddybear cut, is just a generic term used in grooming. Basically, one length all over with round head. I have a bichon/poodle mix named Gus. Luckily, he doesn't mat at all. Being a groomer, I'm amazed smile

I am Fearless
Barked: Sat May 26, '12 8:43am PST 
Well Mozart got his haircut a while ago and I think he looks great, he now looks like a teddy bearway to go And its great cause its so hot here already its gonna to be 99 degrees todayeek since his hair cut his hair has gotten a lot more curly before when it was long it was straight and a little bit wavy I guess the poodle is coming out in him?