Would you contact your groomer if you were so upset that it made you cry?

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Barked: Thu Apr 19, '12 5:13pm PST 
That left your dog looking horrible? I could cry because she is my pet therapy dog and we have places to go in the next couple of weeks. She left a shaven ring around her head and a softball size crown. It looks terrible. She is new to this place, and told me the last time that the owner did the grooming of standards because she had not done them yet. She charged me $10.00 more because she said she worked through her lunch due to her mats. I brush my dog ALL THE TIME because we go on visits. I'm so sad. She is also licking her bum and other parts like they hurt. Should I say something?

Barked: Thu Apr 19, '12 5:20pm PST 
Most definately say something! Complain to the owner if youhave to, that is terrible.
Bruno CGC

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Barked: Thu Apr 19, '12 5:20pm PST 
Yes. Tell the owner directly, if this was an employee of hers. Do you have "before and after" photos to prove that Posh was not a matted mess?

I think any service person who charges more than they quote you at first is a crook- if the price can vary, they need to have that made clear up front. Big whoop if she missed her lunch- that's her fault for poor scheduling, not yours. If Posh really was that matted, it should have been immediately obvious, not something to sneak onto the bill later.


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Barked: Fri Apr 20, '12 6:58am PST 
I totally agree with everythig Bruno said..
Definitely speak to the owner.

In a somewhat similar scenario, not dog-related but service-related, I had a really bad hygenist one time years ago. She was at my dentist I have had since beig in school. She was awfully rough, so rough I thought my teeth were gonna go flying out of my head..I was not going to say anything to them, even though he had and has been my dentist for decades now, but they picked up my concern when I scheduled my next visit. I asked in a casual tone "Is Faith still there..?" and immediately the receptionist said no and asked if my experience with her was bad and if she was too rough. shock

I did admit she was, and the receptionist said she was no longer there because she was too rough with patients and they had a lot of complaints. When I saw my dentist for my next exam, he mentioned the previous hygenist, an he apologized. He said there was no need for her to have been rough, especially with me, because I always have excellent hygiene habits and usually the hygenist is done with me in a minute or less cleaning, whereas this one spent about 20 minutes with her little pick...

So, some just do not know how much is too much and what is enough and when they needlessly go overboard, in many industries and professions.

Speak to the owner, it is very likely she may have had other complaints. If you are not satisfied with the response, I would look for a new goomer. Ask around, see a dog whose hair you admire and ask who grooms him/her. Especially when you see the same breed as the dog you have. wink

I have been to numerous groomers with Frankie in the 9 months I have had him, one I will never go back, due to the way they handled a compaint.

I am considering going with a mobile, come-to-your-house van type groomer next. I kind of want to be able to watch them as they groom the dog.

I know it seems extreme, but there have been times I have specifically asked for and stressed something to be done or some manner not be done, and it was like I never said a peep...

GL, and hope you get it resolved!! smile

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Jewel, PCD

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Barked: Fri Apr 20, '12 10:00am PST 
I think you should take Posh in with you when you go to complain! If this groomer had never done a standard poodle before why was she just handed your dog?? Why didn't a more senior groomer watch this groom to make sure it was up to standard? If you're the kind of person that's a bit of a push-over I would even take someone with you that's a more stand their ground personality.

I know of a woman that just stood there and watched someone NOT TRAINED in horse chiro do a treatment on her horse and totally mess it up because she had a push-over personality.
Bingley,- Emmett &- Martika

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Barked: Fri Apr 20, '12 11:12am PST 
I would definitely say something if you are not happy.

I switched groomers a lot with Bingley when I first got him because of various reasons (usually just because they did a bad job, I didn't complain, just would switch groomers). I settled on a groomer that I used for over a year, they seemed nice and did a decent job, but I got frustrated with them never listening to me about Bingley's ear allergy (Bingley is very allergic to whatever ear product they used which caused a huge problem for him, and even with reminding them every time to leave his ears alone, they'd pluck and powder them... a visit to the groomer always meant a visit to the vet) and then they started getting too busy and sloppy. When a new groomer SHAVED my retired show dog's chin (she's not wiggly, and I brush my dogs every day, so there was no excuse), that was it (also considering I always asked for a specific groomer, yet they handed my dog off to some new person). The owner actually acted a bit haughty because I dared to complain (I'm not a complainer, not even with the ear thing, all I did was ask them not to do his ears when I'd drop him off, because of his allergy).

I got so sick of dealing with groomers that I now own all my own grooming tools and do the dogs myself. I know that's not for everyone, but I just got so sick and tired of it all.

Barked: Sat Apr 28, '12 12:37pm PST 
I usually groom my own dogs because I'm very picky. The only one I ever took to the groomers is my toy Poodle Jojo. I've tried taking Jojo to several different groom shops and groomers but none of them have satisfied my. I actually cried one time because I was so mad. I tried Petco but the only one that actually listened to me and did a good job was the manager. First one gave my dog a pear shaped topknot and shaved him down after I specifically said we liked to keep him fluffy and he just needed to be trimmed. The manager groomed him the next time I came in for free because of it and did a good job. The next time I went in I thought the manager was going to groom him but turned out to be someone else. I decided to go ahead and give her a shot and repeated several times that I wanted a round topknot and we like him fluffy so just lightly trimmed. I came back in later to check on him and saw him shaved down like the first groomer did. The only thing that looked good was the topknot and that was because the manager had stepped in and did it herself. There was absolutely no reason my dog should have been shaved. Before I take my dog in to the groomers I usually comb them and bathe them, trim their nails, shave the pads, clean the ears, and even express their anal glands. I do a good portion of the work already so my dog should have been pretty easy to do.
Sarge I always groom myself because I'm so scared they'll mess him up. There was one time I had to board him for about 9 days so I paid to have them comb him out 3 different times during his stay there since they had a groom shop attached to them. I spoke to the groomers before I boarded him and told them the had to use a comb and not a brush on him because he sheds into his fur and you have to comb it out to keep it from matting. The assured me the understood perfectly. I had groomed him the day before and spent an hour and a half combing him out to make sure he was good to go. When I picked him up his two front legs was matted up from the top of his legs on down. It took my 2 hours of working on it with a comb to dematt him so I wouldn't have to shave him. Luckily he's such a good puppy and is used to me combing him that he just laid there the whole time. I on the other hand was not a happy camper. I didn't complain only because I was too upset.
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Barked: Mon Apr 30, '12 8:08am PST 
Please remember its only hair, It DOES grow back! Obviously coming from a groomer point of view. And I will definitely agree with you there are some things that could happen to my dogs coat that I wouldn't take into the ring (equivalent of being upset/embarrassed by you pet dog's cut) So I get that part.

But definitely take Posh with you to "complain" but be very calm (as you can be) and explain and show exactly what you're unhappy with, what you would rather it look like, reiterate what you actually said, and try to figure out if it was miscommunication on your's or both of your's part.

Barging in, crying and saying you won't bring your dog there again and wanting your money back (or anything to that affect) won't solve anything or help anyone.

hug It grows back! Hope this helped you a bit. Maybe she doesn't look all that bad ( I know a GREAT groomer who is a TOUGH act to follow. If you recently switched groomers or didn't get your regular, its normal to have expectations extraordinarily high. its best to stick with someone who knows your dog, or ONLY go by a person reccomendation from that someone who knows your dog.)

Barked: Mon Apr 30, '12 11:52pm PST 
Yes hair does grow back, but when groomers don't listen and actually take notes on what you want them to do then you shouldn't pay for it. I've worked in a groom shop for several years as a brusher/bather at PetsMart and we always made sure to take notes on what the customer wanted and took the time to ask questions. We kept a chart on the dog and wrote down what the got each time and had them sign a slip showing how much it would cost to groom them. With Bingley's allergies it would have been highlighted on his chart as well as marked on his kennel that he has allergies so it wouldn't have been done. There's no excuse for it to continue happening. We also would check the dog over and feel the fur to see if there's mats that would cause the dog to have to be shaved and inform the customer before hand if it looked like the dog would need additional brushing that would cost more at the time it was checked in. Not only that we would ask the customer at the time of the booking if they had a specific groomer they use and book with that person. If that person wasn't available then we would call and ask them if the wanted to reschedule with that person or offer them another groomer if there was an opening. If you don't speak up and let them know that you aren't satisfied then they'll think that's how you want your dog to look. Doesn't mean you go off on them but if they don't listen and blow you off then you need to find someone who will. It is tough and stressful to work in a groomshop and there are always those owners that want their dogs to look like a show dog but don't take the time and care into making sure the dogs are combed out so they come in all matted and throw a fit that you can't fix their mistakes but for owners like me to come in and explain what we want done and you do the complete opposite then that's unexceptable. A good groomer would acknowledge when they made a mistake and apologized. They wouldn't make up excuses and try to cover them up. If I was you and you took Bailey to another groomer I would make them mark down on his charts his allergy and if they didn't listen and do it anyways then they need to pay the vet bill not you.
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Barked: Fri Jun 1, '12 5:28am PST 
I'm a manger by trade and I view complaints as constructive criticism. If the owner doesn't know there's a problem, how are they suppose to fix it? So, with that said, I would definitely complain. Just make sure you have a cool head when you do it, otherwise, they may not take you seriously.
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