Labradoodles shedding??

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Barked: Sat Mar 10, '12 7:48pm PST 
We have a labradoodle (we didn't buy her we were given her)and she sheds. Does anyone have any tips on how to minimize it? I had read that labradoodles weren't supposed to shed much so this is kinda a shocker. Just looking for ways to minimize. Also does anyone else have a labradoodle that sheds?


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Barked: Sat Mar 10, '12 9:19pm PST 
Labs make up half of the Labradoodle! Of course they can shed- a lot! Some don't shed much, but mostly the 'they don't shed' thing is a BYB tactic.

I don't know what you're feeding, but good food improves coat quality over all.
Bath/brush regularly.

Otherwise I can't think of much. Our labs were always hairy monsters. cloud 9

Barked: Sat Mar 10, '12 10:10pm PST 
I don't own one, but I know one who sheds a TON. That "no shedding" thing is totally false. Some do, some don't, some kinda do... It's a gamble that depends on what genes the dog gets if it sheds or not.


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Barked: Sat Mar 10, '12 11:59pm PST 
Oh yeah, they definably shed. But mostly they shed into themselves, resulting in matted messes. They require even more grooming than pure poodles to tell the truth. And a lot of groomers really don't like them because their owners often don't bother ever brushing them out and they're always having to be shaved down and then the owners get angry.

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Barked: Sun Mar 11, '12 7:50am PST 
All dogs shed. Even Poodles,Shih Tuz, Bichon, Yorkies etc. The hair just stays in the coat.

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Barked: Sun Mar 11, '12 10:32am PST 
My Gunner who many here think is a labradoodle sheds like crazy. I just purchased the furminator brush on Amazon for $21 ($62 2 petsmart). I hope it helps. Also I switched him from Purina Pro Plan to Blue Buffalo Wilderness. Ill let you know if the shedding gets any better. The only problem I have now is he stinks all the time. Even after multiple baths and getting his anal glands expressed.

Barked: Sun Mar 11, '12 3:16pm PST 
Thanks everyone for your responses......I know that she is going to shed just wanted to know if there was anything to help cut down on it. We are feeding her good quality food (Avoderm) and we brush her almost daily. Thanks again.
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Barked: Sun Mar 11, '12 6:15pm PST 
I know some Labradoodles that shed more than a Lab!

As far as things you can do, a salmon oil supplement may help the coat. You can also try using a Furminator or ask a groomer to dog a "Furminator treatment" (some groomers offer this.) I am not sure how well a Furminator would work in that type of coat however so YMMV.
Bruno CGC

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Barked: Sun Mar 11, '12 10:47pm PST 
Bathing helps for shedding a LOT... be sure you use conditioner or cream rinse, it makes a big difference in getting hairs to slide out. The conditioner makes it slippery and a TON of hair comes out when you rinse.

I am the Sock- Bandit!!!
Barked: Mon Mar 12, '12 11:23am PST 
Brushing out the coat well (outdoors is helpful) on a regular basis will help. Bruno's right, conditioner makes a huge difference. I have an airedale x poodle and use the same conditioner on her coat that I use on my own hair, a good one made for curly hair. I couldn't believe how much better her coat looked and felt, brushing is much easier now, too. Plus, she stays matt free for much longer. She's got a shampoo that's formulated for dogs that helps with her occasionally dry skin.

Before bathing, try a good quality spray-on grooming conditioner, that helps you comb through any matts, and the hair that's coming out stays on the tools until you remove it.

All dogs shed at least a little, even the 'hairless' types shed what little bristly stuff they grow.
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