Help Dull Coat

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I am Fearless
Barked: Wed Feb 22, '12 10:23am PST 
Mozart is Bichon/poodle and when I first got him he had the softest coat ever and now he is almost 6 months old, and his coat is not the same could he be getting in his adult coat? because down the spine is were it is very dry and brittle and almost frizzy is there anything I can do to help with this? will this go away once his full adult coat is in? he looks really good from far away and then you come up close and he doesn't look so good I have heard to give salmon oil but I have been giving it to him for 2 months and have not really seen a difference. Could it be his food he is on California Natural chicken and rice puppy food but I heard that Iams bought them over so I am switching him to Orijen 6 fish right now he is getting switched over to Orijen 6 fish I am mixing it in slowing with his other food. I am thinking that the fish forumla will help with his coat time will only tell. I know I might seem picky but I got him over the other puppy based on his coat and of course his personality

The Boy Wonder
Barked: Thu Mar 1, '12 2:36pm PST 
What it sounds like is his adult coat may be starting to come in. That said diet is always the first thing to look at.

Second - How often are you bathing him, what kind of shampoo are you using, and do you use conditioner.

It's important to use a good quality shampoo as well as a conditioner with long haired dogs. There are a number of brands that work well and then a number that do not.

- Always use a spray conditioner before you brush... it is literally a lifesaver. Make sure you are getting all the way down to the skin and brushing out, frequent brushing will not only allow you to keep an eye on the state of his skin but will be important as he changes over to adult to to make sure he doesn't start to matt.

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Barked: Fri Mar 2, '12 2:23pm PST 
Poodles do go through a coat change about 6 months to 2 years of age. The coat will get rougher. I call their puppy coat "puppy fluff."

But I Would get a high quality dog food with fish oil (omegas).

I feed Wellness - Whitefish and Sweet Potato because it is 100% digestible as proved by an independent study...but more importantly...it has done wonders to all my Poodles coats...especially Sonja's. She has allergies...which made her coat dry and dull. Not anymore! I also give (just) her a fish oil suppliment once a day.


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Barked: Wed Mar 7, '12 10:03pm PST 
In addition to the other suggestions, I would try giving him a raw egg once or twice a week. I can tell the difference in Kelpie's coat almost immediately.

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Barked: Thu Mar 8, '12 2:10am PST 
Eggs (fresh off the carton) and fish (cheap whole sardines and not the canned variety) will help.