Hairy Feet and MUD!!

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Barked: Tue Feb 21, '12 5:19am PST 
My husband has a Spring Spaniel. When it's muddy out, the other dogs come in, and easy wipe, and the mud stops at the door. With the english springer spaniel, the only way to stop the mud is a bath. Obviously the difference is the hair on the paws. So what is the easiest way to remove all excess paw hair?

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Barked: Tue Feb 21, '12 7:18am PST 
I just scissor the hair level with the pads on the bottom and pull the fur from between the toes up and brush all that hair up and scissor it off on the tops of the feet. That only goes so far with mud though. Max gets it dried up in tiny pebbles on the bottom of his feet, not so good. You could include a paw dunk in water once home checking that the mud is gone or you could invest in clippers and clean up better on the bottom of his feet. I tried the often suggested beard/mustache trimmer and they don't work at all on Max's fuzzy feet.

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Barked: Tue Feb 21, '12 7:18am PST 
I use a trimmer to remove Sakaris hair from her pads you can also have a groomer do it, around here it's $7

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Having "mud monsters" I groom the feet with a great smaller dog trimmers and a thinning scissors for between the toes. I have always groomed my Goldens in a show coat so have always groomed the feet but now in the Great Northwest with our ugggghhhh....huge rain of Feb I trim them even closer under the pads.
You can buy the smaller clippers from grooming supply stores and even some beauty supply stores. I use Wahl Mini Arco, works great, its quiet and easy to use.
The problem I have is with the long feathers on their legs collecting all the mud, but oh well, they love it.
Kayak's nick name was Kayak the Mighty Moose Hunting Mud Monster and Mitchell, even though he is only 7 months old is quickly earning his new nick name, Mitchell Mud Mitts. Nakita, for some reason does not pick up the mud on her very silky coat, thank goodness.

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Barked: Sat Feb 25, '12 6:02pm PST 
I'm worried about this when the wet season starts here. Theo's already starting to grow beards in between his toes. We're clipping some at home right now. I've heard of people shaving in between the pads, but we haven't gotten him shaved yet. Anyone tried this?
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Your springer only gets muddy feet? Kind of jealous, Isabelle gets muddy everything!

Like others said, trim the paw fur and keep it short.

Theo, if you plan to shave the feet, get him used to the sound of clippers now!

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Barked: Mon Feb 27, '12 10:20pm PST 
Yeah thanks for the advice. We're going to buy clippers this weekend probably. I'm planning on grooming him myself, so hopefully all will go smoothly.. hopefully.

And I'm in TX so we haven't really had mud yet. No rain since I got him. But when it does get muddy here, it's clay based, so that'll be nice and gushy between the toes and everywhere else. laugh out loud