Top Knots - when to start?

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Barked: Sat Feb 18, '12 10:16am PST 
Hi all,

Grace is a malti-poo. Definitely more Maltese in her then poodle. She has that super fine straight hair.

She's almost 11 weeks old. Her hair is still short - about an inch and a half on her head.

I do not want to cut her hair. Did that with Gus and wish I never had. But people complained a top knot wasn't right for a boy dog. So I caved, and now I wish i never had. So with Grace - I wont' cut it. I want to top knot her.

When do you start putting in a top knot? I know I need to start it young so she adjusts to one. But when should a pup start wearing one?


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Barked: Mon Feb 20, '12 4:23pm PST 
You can start now getting her used to pulling it up, I generally start with two little bits above the eyes. Top knots take time to grow, but it's never too late. You could still start one on your older dog, keep trimming on the nose would be best at this point for him, but above his eyes you can let it grow.

A Tiny bit of gel to hold the hair back when it starts to get floppy and has a hard time staying up is useful as well.

It always amuses me when family members threw a fit about my male yorkie... he Stayed multicolored, with bows and ribbons and painted toenails. I even kept clean feet on him like a poodle because he had tight upright toes, and it cut back on the muck he carried in the house. (granted I was a groomer at the time... so I could do it all myself)
Toto, CD, RN, CGC

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Barked: Mon Feb 20, '12 4:49pm PST 
I keep my black poodles in a Continental because I LOVE it and the blacks look so nice with it. I do modify it so they have a scissored topknot and I keep the neck and shoulders shorter.
I HATE it on the whites and reds so they stay in a "normal" kennel cut.
With baby poodles I always start with TWO topknots, one over each eye, until it's long enough to stay up in the middle. I usually start at about 15 weeks.
And, my cresteds wear "ponies" to keep the crest out of their eyes in the warm weather. I use those nylon soft loops since the elastic breaks the coat too easily.


it's a big, big- world out there!
Barked: Mon Feb 20, '12 9:39pm PST 
Thanks Happy and Toto smile

I do groom her daily and have been spending extra time on her head and face. I'll have to get some ties to start practicing with her soon.

Toto - I love your poodles they are gorgeous! My other dog Gus's hair is more poodle like. So I could always consider a poodle type cut. Grace definitely has Maltese hair - it is fine and whispy.

Gus LOVES getting dressed LOL So I'm sure if I chose to he would happily don a bow....

Thanks again for the info smile