cute ideas for male shih tzu

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Barked: Fri Feb 17, '12 8:07am PST 
Any cute ideas for male dogs?? I use bandanas regularly but am looking for something different. I would love a website with pics of cute ideas. I see all the Shih tzus with topknots & bows but where are the cute little boys at frown

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Barked: Sat Feb 18, '12 8:37pm PST 
A lot of shih tzu and maltese owners put top knots and bows in girls and boys. They don't care smile

I wanted to top knot Gus but my whole family went nuts on me "he's a boy!" So I didn't do it. Wish I had because I now have to keep up with trimming his eyes.

Usually people with boy shihs or malts put blue, brown, white, red, and black in boys - think bold colors. Some just do top knots - no bows.
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Barked: Mon Feb 20, '12 10:48pm PST 
I've used this website to get ideas for hairstyles for Parsons. The dog "Debbie's Cassie" has a top knot and "JuBee" has two top knots. They don't have bows so those would be really cute for boys. I don't think it matters either way. Dress your pup up and make him cute and have fun with it. There are some links at the bottom for more websites.


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Barked: Thu Oct 11, '12 10:44am PST 
I have a male Shih tzu name Champ, He loves sporting the mo'hawks and the groomer uses kool-aid to color his mo'hawk

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Barked: Thu Dec 13, '12 8:45pm PST 
How about getting him to wear a cutesy hat? Of course that wouldn't work if you are going to have it on him all the time though. Bandanas are great for a long time accessory but it's quite common. How about an interesting and unique collar then?
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I know the feeling! I have a little boy poodle. Some things that I have done are scarves during the winter, bowties, and you can always get a blue or green feather in his ear!