Where can I find good adult pics of male shih tzus for grooming...?

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Barked: Sat Feb 4, '12 5:32pm PST 
I am having a rough time communicating how I want Frankie to look in the face area, and as he creeps into adulthood, I want to start getting him geared toward the look as soon as possible...

But practically every shih tzu grooming pic I come across is puppies or has bows/topknots (aren't these usually the females...???) or the long-hair-in-the-eyes-hippie look...also the long 'mustache' look seems popular for the males, but I kind of don't like the long-mustache look...

I really don't want to let it up to the groomer to decide how to grow his hair out or what look to gear him towards, but I am having a tough time finding pics of the look I want...Frankie's hair above his eyes grows super-fast and gets in his eyes super-fast....and a lot of groomers tend to cut the hair out of the eyes in a weird way that it grows back in very odd...

Is there maybe a website or something I am missing that has a lot of pics for adult male shih tzus that are not all cookie-cutter pics...? Or will I be stuck with the face-shape I do not like..?

I know there has to be other ways, bc I have seen shih tzus in pet stores that do not have the same look that I see time and time again in 'grooming photos'...I did ask the one girl where she gets hers groomed and that is the groomer we have seen, but she seems to be wanting to grow the mustache crazy-long...The grooming place has an older lady (who is very good, by all accounts..) and a younger groomer who has come on board in the last couple of years...It was the younger groomer who worked on the shih tzu I saw, but anytime I try and call up this grooming place, the owner basically insists she (the owner) will be grooming the dog...This is a privaye home-based groomer, so I do not want to step on any toes, but I would love to try the other groomer she has working for her...But the owner seems to swoop in when I try to make an appointment, and I do not know how to tell her 'I want to see the other groomer,' especially after Frankie has already been groomed by the owner a couple of times...

At the very least, I want to find some pics of adult male shih tzus, not puppies, and who do not look like they are destined for the show ring.....

Thanks!! smile
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Barked: Sat Feb 4, '12 7:30pm PST 
you can find a boat load of pics on the groomers lounge (just google it) or petgroomer.com smile

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Barked: Mon Feb 6, '12 10:43am PST 
here is a thread with a lot of different pictures. You may have to register to see pictures but it defiantly is worth looking at.


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TY!! TY!!! smile