My dog has never had a bath.

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All I need is- Love......
Barked: Thu Dec 22, '11 2:08pm PST 
When I fostered Darcy she was 9 months old. She stunk to high-heaven! laugh out loud I put her collar and lead on and walked her into the bathroom. She is a shutdown dog and would not take a treat. Nor would she accept a pet. I just sat with her. It took about 20 minutes and she finally took a deep breath and calmed down. Then I took her out of the bathroom. I repeated walking and sitting in the bathroom for 2 days until she would walk in without a total panic. Then I picked her up and placed her in the tub. I sat on the edge with her. We sat for 45 minutes the first time until she calmed down. I took her out of the tub and took her back later and it was 20 minutes. I repeated this until she would be put in the tub and not panic. Then I turned on the water (Rince Ace). This took a whole day before I finally was able to give her a bath. Once she got the bath I would feed her and extra special meal (canned food mixed in) as her reward. Now I can bath her with no problems. You have to be patient, take your time and NEVER force your dog. Trust me it'll be worth the patience in the end. way to go Also realize, Darcy is an extreme case. But patience does pay off in huge rewards! flowers

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Barked: Thu Dec 22, '11 3:51pm PST 
Kc HATES baths. All I do is take her outside put her on a tie- out cable and bathe her with the hose. Well, she dislikes it and tries to get away from the water but she doesn't nessecarily HATE it. It's kinda like cutting HATE into 4 pieces.

Professional- Fetcher
Barked: Wed Jan 25, '12 9:16pm PST 
Treats and lots of praise and reassurance! My dog dislikes baths too, he used to be TERRIFIED but now he just dislikes them. I think some dogs just will never like baths but we can at least try to make it a little less traumatic for them smile


Noise Police
Barked: Sun Jan 29, '12 5:36pm PST 
Hazel is a terrible fear, squirming, kicking mess at bath-time! She is also not a fan of rain, doesn't like swimming, and is reactive toward the sound of water draining down the sink. That is why she only gets 1 or 2 baths per year. It's not gross to me if the dog doesn't smell.
If you can work your dog toward being okay with a bath, like Darcy has done, that is the thing to do.
If your dog likes to swim, I would just soap him up during a swim twice a year! Use something gentle and biodegradeable to minimize the ecological impact.
Mischief BN

Barked: Mon Jan 30, '12 11:05am PST 
I'm with Rayne: when it's time for a bath, I hop in too! Mischief is much more accepting of a *tough* fate if Mom is right there with her. I haven't figured out how to translate that to nail trims yet; she doesn't think my clipping my nails is the same thing, haha.
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