Shampoos for long coated dogs

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Mr. Silly
Barked: Tue Nov 15, '11 3:08pm PST 
Tobben is a Shih Tzu, and, obiously, his fur is long, and will get even longer. I want his fur to stay as good looking as it is now, but I think that, as for humans, some shampoos are better than others.
I simply just love Bed Head's shampoos, myself, so I think Pet Head's (Bed Head's pet collection) is also as great, but I've never tried them.

Do any of you have any clue what shampoos are the best for long coated dogs, with the same kind of fur as Shih Tzus (with this wooly fur underneath the top coat)? I don't want to, in any way, ruin his fur, so I'd like to give him the best treatment I can.
Miss Lola- Luftnagle

Solid Gold- Dancer
Barked: Wed Nov 16, '11 9:48pm PST 
Chris Christensen have some great products

This site has tons of shih tzu info

http://shihtzuchattertwo.sunlitesplace.com/forums/index.php? act=idx

The Boy Wonder
Barked: Wed Nov 16, '11 10:24pm PST 
I actually use Bed head on my own hair but never did like it on my pets. I used Coat Handler for my yorkie Or Plush Puppy Australia, the second being harder to find as there are only a few suppliers in the US. The bed head after party for people does Wonder's on taming fly aways on all drop coated breeds.


The Boy Wonder
Barked: Wed Nov 16, '11 10:30pm PST 
I just checked your profile and realized your in Norway... so I'm not actually sure if there Is a distributor for Plush Puppy there. I would say the Coat handler is your best bet for a Really nice coat, the leave in conditioner is a marvel and their shampoo isn't bad, though I don' think it get's the whites as white as I personally like.

Mommy's little- princess
Barked: Thu Nov 17, '11 5:38am PST 
Isle of the dog. THE BEST STUFF I have ever used!!!!!!!!!!!!

Barked: Sat Nov 19, '11 7:58pm PST 
Honestly I know he doesn't really shed but I LOVE the furminator products! Both the shampoo and conditioner are AWESOME!
Indiana- Jones

Car?! Did you- say car?!
Barked: Sat Nov 19, '11 9:48pm PST 
There are quite a few good dog shampoo/conditioner products out there, but I mostly use J&J baby shampoo with the detangler added. Indy doesn't have long hair, but it does leave his coat nice and soft and it's gentle. Indy gets a quick bath about once a week. When he visits my Mom, he usually gets dirty because he gets to go out and run a muck if you will. And he sleeps with us in the bed, so the bath is a must. He has never had any issues with his skin getting dry. I mix the shampoo (about 2 tablespoons) with warm water in another empty shampoo bottle and use that to spread it over him. I find doing this helps distribute the shampoo nicely.