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Hello every one , new to this forum , i live in the uk and have been using frontline for years now and WAS very happy, however this year it has STOPPED WORKING , FOLLOWED THE INSTRUCTIONS TO THE LETTER . and the fleas are back , well they never realy went away , i have read on the internet that lots of people around the globe are also having problems with frontline , in that its not working , i have e mailed the makers and am waiting a reply, personally i think they have changed the formula removing the vital ingredient that worked , or reduced it in some way , so i am after some good advice , either something natural wich i prefer , or anything available that really works ,,,, thanks folks , oh i have dogs and cats ,
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In some areas fleas are building a resistance to Frontline. That is why it is reccomended to rotate spot on flea products.

If fleas keep coming back you need to treat your house (and or yard, if possible.) Vacuum your whole house and wash any bedding. You can get a flea collar and put it in your vacuum bag or canistar to kill any fleas or eggs that you suck up.

Bathe your pets, or at least flea comb them. Dip the comb in a dish filled with soapy water to kill any fleas or eggs. If you bathe your pets any pet safe shampoo will kill fleas. Just let the shampoo sit on your pet for a few minutes before you rinse.

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I used Frontline for the first time this year. I'm on the east coast, so it will be colder soon, but we've had a mild fall, so I'm continuing treatment for now. I don't have a flea issue, but my Mom's yard was infested this year! Out of no where the fleas were everywhere. We don't know how, but they were there. So she treated the lawn best she could and we started Indy and Kenya (Kenya lives with Mom) on Frontline. It seemed to help in the beginning, but doesn't seem as effective now, but we did see less and less fleas. Indy gets the Frontline mostly because he goes over to her place 1-2 times a week. So he had to be protected. I am going to probably switch to Vectra to make sure the fleas aren't getting a resistance. I heard it is supposed to work well, but I need to get it from a vet. It's also more expensive.

UGH, there are so many products and it's hard to choose which is best.

There's more then this, but as you can see, there are quite a few....

SPOT ON applications
Bio Spot
Vectra 3D

Comfortis tablets
Program pill
Capstar (only for 1 time prevention)

~Good luck

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Hello, UK Guest! I agree with Scruffy about treating the yard and house, but I would also like to give you some information about FRONTLINE®, if you don't mind. I work for the company that makes FRONTLINE and can address your specific concerns about it.

We have not changed or reduced the ingredients in FRONTLINE. FRONTLINE contains a special grade of fipronil made exclusively for Merial and is manufactured in accordance with precise quality and safety standards for veterinarian prescribed flea and tick products.

Fleas are killed through contact with the active ingredients in FRONTLINE, and must move through the hair coat of your treated pet in order to be exposed; so, you will still see the nasty critters crawling around while they are dying. Although no flea preventative/treatment product is 100% effective at keeping fleas off dogs, using FRONTLINE will reduce the length of time a flea spends on your dog.

If you use FRONTLINE Plus, you are eligible for a satisfaction guarantee to help ensure your confidence in FRONTLINE. If you have any concerns about FRONTLINE’s efficacy, please see your vet to find out more about Merial’s Satisfaction Guaranteed program.

Also, are you having any concerns with ticks? Have you heard of CERTIFECT the newest addition to our FRONTLINE family?
CERTIFECT® is an advanced topical solution that begins killing ticks in just 6 hours! And, CERTIFECT is also the only topical product that detaches ticks. Just like FRONTLINE Plus, CERTIFECT also destroys the flea life cycle and is waterproof.

If you ever have any more questions, mom would love to help! Or, please feel free to call the FRONTLINE Hotline at 1.800.660.1842. Or send me a pawmail, since I know calls to the US from UK can be expensive.

I hope all this helps!
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We are still battling with a few fleas. The dogs scratch, but so far their human companions haven't been infested with them. We've always used Frontline, but K9AdvantixII is slightly cheaper per dose, it kills mosquitoes, and it also repels fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes. Here's a comparison chart: http://advantixvsfrontline.com/advantix-vs-frontline-comparison-char t/