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Barked: Tue Oct 4, '11 5:11pm PST 
The Texas drought has created a pit of dead grass turned into dust of my back-yard (and a huge dead pine that now has to come down, ASAP).

The dogs, all short-coated, go out to play (and they play HARD) and come in covered in dust. I mean COVERED in dust. It sticks to them, all in their coats.

I am unsurevof how to deal with this as it is daily. I am good at wiping them down, but that doesn't do much other than get it OFF their coats, not OUT of their coats.

Paisley tends to ROLL in it, so I've literally been sticking her in the tub for a total rinse-off every frigging day.

Ahhh!!! How do I get the dust OUT of their fur on a daily basis without drying out their coats?
Augustus- Gloop

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Barked: Tue Oct 4, '11 6:03pm PST 
I would suggest a high velocity dog dryer, but that would be cost prohibitive in most cases. The only thing that I can think of is a shop vac set to blow. This would probably be a more economical route. I have very sandy soil, and my standard poodle loves to dig. She now is gray at the moment, when in reality she should be a light apricotconfused

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Barked: Wed Oct 5, '11 8:10am PST 
I used my little HV for dust. It is easy to damage eyes with blowing dust, be careful! Really it might be worth getting one as it blows out muddy feet really well too and of course gets a sopping coat damp dry in a few minutes.

A human style blow dryer cannot dry dog fur very well, could it blow out dust? Might try it to see if you don't have a wet dry you can clean out for the dogs. Careful with the eyes and ears though.