When is it time to get groomed? (Aussie)

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Barked: Thu Sep 15, '11 4:21am PST 
Bubba is going on 8 months old and his coat is beginning to get extremely thick and his hair on his front legs, chest, behind his ears, and hind legs is beginning to get super long as well. I bathe him on average once every two weeks because he tends to roll in the sand and wet grass a lot in the mornings. I can't stand a stinky dog! He has no knots and his hair is not mangled or messy but I am wondering when it is time for him to get groomed and a trim? I know because he is a long haired dog he is going to need it a few times out of the year but I keep reading online that it could be detrimental to the full maturity of his coat if I get him trimmed before he is two and his coat reaches maximum growth. Is this false? Could I get him groomed now? I would prefer to start having his coat maintenance professionally to keep it from becoming knotted, etc but I do not want to ruin his gorgeous Aussie coat. Thanks!! dog
Toto, CD, RN, CGC

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Barked: Thu Sep 15, '11 4:52am PST 
When we do Aussies we basically just trim off the hair between and under the toes, down the hocks and pasterns and then lightly scissor trim any stray hairs along the pantaloons, underbelly and backs of the front legs. No shaving nor clipping is involved at all.
None of this trimming will affect future hair growth at all, but will result in a much neater appearing dog.

Little Angel
Barked: Fri Sep 16, '11 6:51am PST 
I'm not a professional groomer, but I do pretty much what Toto said. I brush him really good once a week (its really all it takes, he has a long coat but it doesn't mat really). Except for his ears, which I do every couple of days because right there the hair is really fine and whispy and tends to mat.

Other than that whenever I see hair sticking out that just doesn't look right, I just clip it to even it up. Sometimes I use scissors to trim his pantaloons a little (If it gets too long then it starts to drag in his poop when he goes...and neither him or I are fans of doing butt-baths 2-3 times a day.) big laugh