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Juno (SD)

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Barked: Mon Aug 22, '11 2:08pm PST 
I have a pedi-paws for doing Juno's nails, but it takes forever and so I want to get a Dremel. I know they work a lot faster though, so does anyone have any recommendations on brand/speed/what kind of sandpaper-like stuff to use?
Bella and- Daisy CGC

I'm a Meanie
Barked: Mon Aug 22, '11 3:20pm PST 
Thanks for asking this!

A dremel is on my "to buy" list. I've got the girls doing ok with nail trims and the pedi paws but I have to do Daisy's nails every week and they still scrape the floor.

I've been feeling good using the pedi paws and want to move up.

My old groomer used to have a gun shaped one that I haven't seen at the hardware store. Does anyone know anything about it?

The Boy Wonder
Barked: Mon Aug 22, '11 10:09pm PST 
The dremel brand one works quite well, inexpensive for the smaller models and lasts. I don't recommend the cheapest of the cordless one's because the battery tends to wear out faster.

Miss Lola- Luftnagle

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Barked: Tue Aug 23, '11 5:49am PST 
I have the 7.2 volt dremel, and really like the use of a cordless. As a dog groomer, I like the maneuverability it affords with working with table dancing dogs. laugh out loud They do sell replacement batteries fore around $20.