OMD what a fiasco!

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Maggie NAC- WV-N TN-N- CTL-3 RE

Tunnel Suckin'
Barked: Mon Jun 6, '11 9:45pm PST 
With my tough fosters that needed a bath (shelter smell is miserable and Maggie won't allow them near her) I opted for smearing the walls around the tub with peanut butter smile Although my next shower made me hungry as I think there was some left over residue lol!

I feel your pain though...I have had to hose a dog down that was plastered against the side of the house. It is not a fun thing and I hated doing it, but there was no way a poop covered dog was coming in my house!
Bruno CGC

Honorary Kelpie
Barked: Tue Jun 7, '11 7:17pm PST 
Oh geez... THIS is they invented DIY Doggy Wash places. Bruno hates baths too, I've taken him to a groomer before to get it done, but seeing how scared they make him made me sad and I decided it was wrong to put him through that again. So now I have to do my own bathing and nail trimming.

The problem with sedation as Jade recommends is that the vet will probably give you acepromazine. That's what my vet did when I asked for a mild sedative to calm Bruno down for nail clipping. The problem with ace is that it only affects the dog's control of his body, not his mental state- it's really more like a paralytic than a sedative. I could tell Bruno was as terrified and panicky as always, but he couldn't do anything about it. Staggered about like he was drunk (that was a little funny, I'll admit.) That didn't seem fair, and besides, there's a LOT of evidence of dogs being able to "power through" Ace long enough to bite someone before collapsing again.

I like the DIY dogwash because the tub is elevated (you don't have to bend down) you don't have to clean up all the hair, the water comes from a flexible hose (you don't have to fill the tub and use a pitcher- that's not fun) and you can take as long as you like to keep the dog from going into a meltdown. I just go slow and gentle, and skip the blowdry.
Rusty Jude - R.I.P

Born to Protect
Barked: Wed Jun 15, '11 1:54pm PST 
Bathing dogs can be hard sometimes. Karma knows better than to try to jump out of the tub when I tell him to stand still and stay there but Russ is a different story! I find washing him in the shower with one of those "telephone" shower hoses work best, of course you get pretty wet too but in the shower your dog can't escape and eventually calms down.


Dunlop-named for- the rider not- the tyer
Barked: Sun Sep 4, '11 6:10pm PST 
We do Dunlop in the shower as does a friend who fosters cats (& we thought bathing a dog was bad!) They can only go so far in the shower and it's easy to maneuver around in there with them because they have less traction. If need be put them on a leash and stand on the end of the leash so as they can't jump out of the tub.
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