Taking an aggressive dog to be groomed....

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OG- Original- Goberian
Barked: Thu Mar 31, '11 12:07pm PST 
I don't really get into grooming, I prefer low maintenance dogs that just need to be brushed, and I brush and bathe my dogs myself, so pardon me if this sounds crazy to some of you....

I have been asking my mom to get her pomeranian groomed for several months now (I don't live w/ her). His nails are overgrown and he is kind of matted. Its not severe or anything, nothing like you'd see on "Animal cops" or anything like that lol, but I just think he needs to be professionally groomed. He eats premium food but his coat is in poor shape, I think from lack of grooming.

The problem is that he is a nasty little dog. He can be sweet sometimes but he can also be snappy and aggressive. My mom always says she will do the grooming herself but she never does, and I'm sure that's because he puts up a fight with her and she gives up.

I'm willing to take him to be groomed and pay for it, but I'm not sure how to handle it. This dog doesn't "get out" much, so I think he would either be so scared that he would just freeze up, or he would turn nasty.

How do you approach a groomer with a situation like this? Esp since I don't personally have a groomer and I've never been to any of the grooming places around here, so I don't even know where to start. Should I take him to a vet instead? Would it be fine as long as he is muzzled?? (He's never had a muzzle on either, but I could probably get one on him.)

I wanna help this little guy, just don't know what to do!!

Don't mess with- me!
Barked: Thu Mar 31, '11 12:14pm PST 
Angus can be snappy too. But I have never had a groomer complain about him.
I always warn them and they always say he was just fine.
Jewel, PCD

8.6lbs of fury- in a bow!
Barked: Thu Mar 31, '11 12:41pm PST 
I would ask around for a good groomer. Tell them about him when you call to book so they can book him on a slower day. Maybe if you have time do you little work getting him used to brushes and combs before he goes in. Other than that I've seen some snarky dogs at my friend's salon and she's pretty good at handling them.

Peter Parker

King Peter- Parker
Barked: Thu Mar 31, '11 1:32pm PST 
I worked at a grooming salon and *most* of the owners that knew they had aggressive dogs would get a mild tranquilizer/sedative at their vets office. It REALLY helped out, not only us, but the pet as well. It's VERY stressful on an aggressive dog to be groomed and/or in new surroundings if they don't get out much.

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OG- Original- Goberian
Barked: Thu Mar 31, '11 2:40pm PST 
Thanks guys, like I said I've never even been to a groomer outside of Chloe & Lia getting their nails trimmed at Petsmart. I just didn't know if it was normal to call and say "Hi I want to get my dog groomed, oh by the way he'll probably try to bite you." shrug

And Jewel I'm not going anywhere near him with a brush! shock That little snot has bitten me a few times just because he was feeling grumpy! He's never drawn blood though, he's just a snappy little &%$@.

My hope is that he'll be so scared in a new situation that he'll shut down/freeze and cooperate. But knowing Oliver he'll probably throw a fit, he sounds like a chainsaw when he really gets growling!

I work at the pet store this Saturday so I'll ask some of my regulars with little dogs who they recommend for grooming around here. big grin

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poopy butt
Barked: Thu Mar 31, '11 8:23pm PST 
Getting a good recommendation is a good way to start and when you decide which groomer, then you can bring him into the shop to make the appointment so they can meet him and go from there. Just let them know how his behavior is at home and they will schedule his appointment accordingly. Ya never know, a lot of dogs act much differently at home than they do with us smile
Bruno CGC

Honorary Kelpie
Barked: Fri Apr 1, '11 12:00pm PST 
Bruno is a horrible little s*** when he's being groomed or (especially) getting his nails trimmed. So far, only once has a groomer quit in the middle of working on him. (He was way over-the-top freaked out, and he bit her arm- should have been muzzled.) I just tell them he will probably be nasty, they use a muzzle and restrain him as necessary.

From now on though, I think I can do it myself because I found a DIY dogwash place, and got prescription sedatives from my vet, so I can handle him with one person helping me. (That was why I took him to professionals before... I just physically couldn't manage him in a freakout.)

Would it be impossible for your mom to DIY? The dog wash I went to was GREAT, they provided elevated tubs, shampoo, conditioner, towels, brushes, and blow-dryers. The works. Of course if he's really matted, a self-wash can make it worse. (You know how they make felt from wool, right? Soap and rubbing.)

Don\'t Reyna Me- In
Barked: Fri Apr 1, '11 1:48pm PST 
Don't do any sort of sedative or tranq without talking to the groomer first. Many groomers actually will not do a dog with certain meds in them, so always check with the groomer!

Just give fair warning to the groomer so they can schedule accordingly and be prepared. Even muzzled, sometimes these dogs spin, jump, and move all around on the table making things difficult for the groomer. Talk to the groomer about what would be easier: dematting (if he has mats) or just clipping it all off and starting over? Most groomers are good at handling these little fellas, but just be upfront and open with them!
Jade- Alexandria

Dont mess with- me, I'm- chihuahua!
Barked: Fri Apr 1, '11 3:14pm PST 
Petsmart and Petco wont do a sedated dog. And I have yet to hear of a private groomer who wont. Just call and tell them the situation, and ask if they would prefer the dog to be sedated. Melatonin works great if you dont want to take the dog to the vet for a prescription. Just give a whole pill about an hour before the groom. The groom should also be done first thing in the groomers schedule, so the dog is in and out without having to stay copped up with all the other barking dogs.

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Vik Vik -- emitting- aromas...
Barked: Sat Apr 2, '11 10:42am PST 
If you're really worried about the dog's aggressiveness when being groomed, you could call around and ask several groomers what they typically do when handling dogs who display aggression when being groomed and use your best judgement for the welfare of the people and the dog.

Some vet practices also provide grooming, so you could ask your vet or others in your area. Vets are often well prepared for aggression and can take the necessary steps to make sure everyone is safe handling the dog and the dog is safe as well. Good luck.
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