Reaction to Furminator shampoo/conditioner

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Barked: Thu Feb 10, '11 10:25am PST 
Just wondering if anyone has had any issues with these products before. I bathed Cali with the shampoo and conditioner last week b/c she's shedding like crazy. About a day or two later, I noticed she had small, crater-like wounds on her back (almost like small, shallow puncture wounds). I thought she had been bit by one of the other dogs. But the area around the 3-4 wounds was very red and inflammed, almost like a burn. It was very painful for her and she did not want me touching it. Each day that went by I noticed 1 or 2 new spots that were starting to scab over. Then today I noticed another 3 spots that were up higher on her back. That's when I realized these weren't bites.

The shampoo and conditioner I used was actually at my job. And I remember our groomer telling me that another employee's dog had a reaction to the products recently. Being that I used it a bunch of times on my dogs (including Cali), I wasn't worried. But now I'm thinking the shampoo or conditioner was a bad batch. I talked with the other employee who's dog had a reaction and she described almost the same thing on her dog's back.

I emailed the company and they are checking into it. They recently changed their formulas to make their products "more natural and gentle". But they said that the gallon formulas (which is what we used) has not changed. I gave them the lot numbers from the products I used and waiting to hear back from them.

Anyone experience something similar?

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Barked: Thu Feb 10, '11 12:11pm PST 
Did you use the furminator on her? or just the shampoos.

Barked: Thu Feb 10, '11 3:02pm PST 
Just the shampoo and conditioner. Not the brush.

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Barked: Sun Feb 20, '11 11:31am PST 
Thats interesting, as Furminator is hypoallergenic. Keep us posted on this one if you would please. I'd like to know more about it.

On a side note- I've found a product and brush that seems to work better then Furminator. The Andis battery operate deshedder (although i dont know if the battery power actually works) but the brush my itself is great. And Tropicleans Deshedding solution is great!

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Barked: Thu Feb 24, '11 6:37pm PST 
The Furminator shampoo and conditioner are probably some of the only products at our shop that I've NEVER seen a dog react to, even my super-crazy-sensitive chinese crested girl Stella! I hope you can figure out what was causing the reaction, sounds like no fun for your poor pupper confused

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Barked: Wed Feb 6, '13 4:38pm PST 
There is always the idea that the solution was contaminated... If someone added water or mixed it it will go bad. If it was ran through a Hydro surge or something like it there could have been bacteria in it. Those appliances are supposed to be cleaned regulatory and don't always get done. I have heard of dogs getting bacterial infections after being bathed with either methods. You also have to REALLY rinse this product!!! Takes lots of rinsing!

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It could have been that the conditioner hadn't been rinsed out thoroughly. I know I've used this product and it takes a long time to rinse it out. I do spot checks all over Sarge's body to make sure there is no soap residue and will continue to rinse until I'm sure there are no traces of it left. It's one of the reasons I don't like using the conditioner on Sarge but my husband uses the stuff on his working dog all the time and swears by it. I have to ship it to Iraq for him when ever he runs out. If you leave any soap on them they will start itching and can develop hot spots. My friend used my bottle of shampoo and conditioner on her dog and developed the same issue a day or two later but my dogs never had a reaction to it. I had her do a vinegar rinse later to rinse all traces of soap residue off him and also used a tea tree shampoo to help sooth the hot spots.
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This thread is over two years old!!!!

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Just the shampoo and conditioner.