Fish Oil For Shedding

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Barked: Sat Dec 18, '10 2:40pm PST 
I was just wondering if any of you five your dogs fish oil pills for shedding? My wire haired jack Russell sheds so bad even though I brush her daily. I was reading that fish oil helps. I feed my dogs purina, which I know isn't the best food, but right now money is tight, so I have to get food that is within my budget. I plan to switch them to a better food when I can. I know diet has alot to do with it too.

Spooky Mulder
Barked: Sat Dec 18, '10 3:09pm PST 
Fish oil is certainly something that can help. If at all possible, finding a fish-based food might help as well. If you'd like some suggestions on very cost-effective foods that are still higher quality, I highly suggest looking through the Food/Nutrition forum for posts regarding the issue. Brands like Whole Earth Farms and Diamond Naturals are pretty affordable, if you can hunt them down.

I personally use Salmon oil, in conjunction with some Vit. E supplement (which is best to use in conjunction with the oil, as apparently fish oils deplete E in the system when consumed regularly).

You could also consider tossing a raw egg yolk into her meals a couple of times a week. This is an additional, very high quality protein that will help with the skin/hair quality.

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Barked: Sat Dec 18, '10 3:15pm PST 
I agree with Mulder. But if you can't afford good food, adding Omega oils in the form of a liquid is a simple and tasty way to help. Gabby sheds far less with it and my two boys have far fewer skin issues with it added to their food.


Let's play!!!
Barked: Sat Dec 18, '10 3:58pm PST 
Thank you so much for your suggestions! I am gonna try all of them smile thanks!
Bruno CGC

Honorary Kelpie
Barked: Sat Dec 18, '10 7:14pm PST 
This might be another can of worms, but dogs that are chronically stressed will shed more than normal too. Does she have anything that could be stressing her out all the time, like separation anxiety or is she going nuts when she sees other dogs on walks?

And I second that Purina is not really a bargain... Some Purina brands (like Beneful) actually cost MORE than some decent brands. Diamond Naturals is only 27.00 for a 40-lb bag here, compared to 32.00 for same size Beneful. Kirkland dog food (Costco store brand) is decent too, and even cheaper.

Barked: Sun Dec 19, '10 4:47pm PST 
I agre with brunowink

Barked: Mon Dec 20, '10 7:58am PST 
We are also a little tight on money right now and my little dog nemo is allergic to a lot of stuff, like red dye in food so I cant use Purina or beneful... The Brand a Costco is in a yellow bag for puppies has been the best I have feed my Maltese and my ST Bernard.. It has Fish oil in it and makes their coat really silky and they don't shed as bad and it has omega three witch is really good for them and I buy a big bag for $11.00.

Noise Police
Barked: Tue Dec 21, '10 5:45pm PST 
Yes, salmon oil definitely does reduce Hazel's shedding. We use Grizzly brand salmon oil. When we started using it, I thought it was coincidence that she finally stopped shedding so much. Then I accidentally left it at my parents' house when I visited home for Thanksgiving, and I figured it would be okay to stop using it until the next time I'd be visiting at Christmas time - but within a week or two, Hazel started shedding like crazy again! First thing I'm gonna do when I get home on Thursday - give the dog a squirt of her salmon oil. smile

full of love
Barked: Tue Dec 28, '10 5:28am PST 
my 15 year old English Setter is shedding a lot in the middle of winter too (I brush him daily-and he isn't stressed, he sleeps almost all day(inside)), is it OK to give him the fish oil capsules (made for people)?If yes, how many per day? I'll try giving him the egg yolk too!

I'm triple- superior MAD- now!
Barked: Tue Dec 28, '10 5:54am PST 
I used the human type fish oil and preferred the capsules. The purified oil gets rancid very quickly exposed to air. Either piercing the capsule or feeding whole worked great for me.

I use the suggestions here. Just read the label to find how many capsules it takes for your chosen fish oil to reach this amount.
"Recommended dosage is 1000 mg fish oil (containing 300 mg combined EPA/DHA) per 30 pounds (14 kg) of body weight."

Many dog foods are too low in fat for a given dog. Max is doing far better with the 25-30% fat raw diet he is on than the 15% fat kibble diet. Adding in the nice fresh fatty whole egg is a great idea whether you cook it or not. Either add it in a little at a time or not every day as it is rich and can cause loose stools until the dog is used to lots of egg. Actually the same goes for the fish oil. Start with one capsule or squirt and work up, just in case!
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