Super long toe hair - purpose? Should it trimmed?

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Barked: Tue Oct 12, '10 1:43pm PST 
We get Gretchen (Great Pyrenees/Springer Spaniel mix) a hair cut each summer because it is very hot in Missouri and she has a very thick double coat.

When her fur grew back we noticed that the hair between her toes is especially long this year. It gets pretty cold here in winter and it is her favorite time of year, she loves the cold and snow.

Some is 2 inches long, some is even 3 inches long!I put a picture of on her page. Does the hair serve a purpose? Such as keeping her feet warm when walking in the snow? Do all dogs have this? Do some breeds have more? Maybe it is an omen of a really bad winter coming lol. She hates when I mess with it. I bet it tickles.

It's kind of funny, actually, but I'm wondering if I should trim it. She'll probably be moving to Texas next year, so she will probably get 2 hair cuts a year instead of one. I'm pretty sure the groomer trimmed her toe hair when she got her summer cut this year.
Kitsune- Trouble

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Barked: Tue Oct 12, '10 2:31pm PST 
My dog is a papillon and he also gets really long hair on his feet (and everywhere else bol).

I don't know if the long toe hair is suppose to serve a purpose, but I trim it as short as I can every few weeks when it starts to get long. If it's on the top of the paw I think it's okay to leave, but the fur that grows on the bottom between the paw pads I think reduces traction. I know Kit has a harder time walking on our hardwood floors when his feet hair is getting long. I worry about him slipping, especially on the stairs leading to our apartment, so I trim the hair. Plus in the winter when it snows, the snow can ball up and stick to the hair in between their toes and be uncomfortable.

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Barked: Tue Oct 12, '10 2:58pm PST 
I trim 1/2" of hair from between the toes on top of Max's feet and the bottom of his feet every other week. Only the bottom of his back feet are ticklish.

Long hair on the bottom of the feet might reduce traction, so I trim. Stuff on the top catches debris and he gets mats, so I trim. Neither of us are super happy about this!

I am glad he has the hair on the bottom as it protects the skin between the pads but it sure grows too long!


support the- rabid
Barked: Tue Oct 12, '10 5:11pm PST 
Paris has hairy toes too but she's so fidgety it makes me nervous about trying to trim them.

Teacup- chupacabra
Barked: Tue Oct 12, '10 5:49pm PST 
ahhh, grinchy toes, my biggest pet peeve!!

Seriously, can't stand the toe-tufties! I always trim out all the hair from the bottom of the foot, since all that does is gather snow and dirt and foxtails and burrs and all sorts of other bad things. Toe hair on the top is brushed backwards and trimmed level with the rest of the hair, so that when it 'falls' back it looks like it never even grew. I use curved shears for that part - straights work too, but curves mean I can get the right look with fewer snips.

If you can't trim the hair on your own, many shops will do a quick toe-trim (and ears and privates, at ours) for a fraction of the cost of a full grooming. Always worth a call or two to find out how much your local shop would charge.

I have a thing- for plastic!
Barked: Tue Oct 12, '10 10:27pm PST 
I tried to trim it and she gave me a look like "What in the ... " then got up and left. It was pretty funny. I will definitely need to recruit a helper for this.

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Barked: Wed Oct 13, '10 8:37am PST 
My curly coated pup really needs that hair trimmed between the pads for winter, otherwise she gets those darn ice balls that can be painful. She also loves snow and winter in general.

My groomer thankfully buzzes it out. I can trim her nails, but it's taken a lot of training to be able to do it without a huge fuss. The hair trimming would not be pretty if I tried it myself...
Nalla - CGC, TDI, Service Dog

Barked: Wed Oct 13, '10 10:46am PST 
Nalla has that too, and she hates it. If I don't trim it, she'll bite at it until it's gone (hurting herself in the process). shock
Needless to say I trim it quite often.
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Barked: Wed Oct 13, '10 3:18pm PST 
I trim it because it can make the dogs slip on some surfaces. Also I've found if I left it long she'd end up with big snowballs between her toes when walking in the snow, which wasn't a problem if the hair was trimmed.
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Barked: Thu Oct 14, '10 2:26pm PST 
We trim it on our dogs too!
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