How do you guys get pet hair off of your bedding?

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Wittle Girl

I am the cutiest- girl
Barked: Wed Aug 18, '10 6:38am PST 
Wittle Girl always sleeps with me and my bf at night but her hair like CLINGS to everything. I brush her and wash the sheets and comforter but it doesn't always all come off. I have heard that you can buy pet hair releasing detergent. Has anyone tried this?
Tucker John

I Love Life!
Barked: Wed Aug 18, '10 10:23pm PST 
The Bounce dryer sheets do the trick for me.
Jackson - 3/11/02 - 7/28/13

Just hold me!
Barked: Thu Aug 19, '10 7:26am PST 
I agree with Tucker John - dryer sheets do the job for me too. When I dry my bedding, I always make sure to dry one thing at a time: one set of sheets, one blanket, etc. to ensure it has enough room to fully expand in the dryer to get the hair off. And I always check it half way thru the dry cycle because sheets & blankets twist up alot trapping the hair. I also use 2 dryer sheets for bedding.

As far as pet hair releasing detergent.. I'd never try it unless it was free. IMO it's just another way to get pet owners to spend more money on a product that is no better than what's already out there, but yet it probably costs more. shrug


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Barked: Thu Aug 19, '10 10:32am PST 
...I don't :3.

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Barked: Thu Aug 19, '10 9:17pm PST 
Fur comes off of sheets and blankets? I had no idea.
Guess I'm not using enough dryer sheets. Maybe using 10 at a time would do the trick.
Charlie A.

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Barked: Fri Aug 20, '10 10:34am PST 
Don't let him on your bed shrug Charlie never could make it up to our bed any way so we never really had that problem! Good luck my dear!

Im just a little- guy
Barked: Fri Aug 20, '10 9:58pm PST 
I use them one dollar lent rollers from target. I also have high dollar and totally worth it 1000 thread sheets. The high thread count sheets are tightly woven and the hairs don't get caught in them.

The hairs come off the sheets in the dryer. There's not enough space in between the fibers for the dog hairs to penetrate the sheets.

Milton is often crated at night cause he is good at taking up all the space in the bed despite being 15 pounds. He sleeps on top of the comforter when not crated, so the sheets stay cleaner. I also put a donut bed as the foot of my bed to encourage him to lay there. He stays on my bed when I am gone and sleeps.

Gunna get \'em!
Barked: Fri Aug 20, '10 10:01pm PST 
You might try tossing it in the dryer BEFORE you stick it in the washer. I use that trick if I need a quick fix. I just stuff it in the drier with some bounce sheets. It works well for me! Then half the job is over before it gets wet and the hair resticks.

Have you ever used the furminator on your pooch? It REALLY helps cut down the shedding. I couldn't believe how much it helped my short haired dog, and my sisinlaw uses it on their long haired doxie weekly. It really helps, that plus the constant dryer use may help a lot.

Whose bed?? Why- would YOU think- that?
Barked: Sat Aug 21, '10 9:59am PST 
I don't have any problem with hair sticking in the washer and dryer. I think the trick is to not overload the dryer. I rarely use dryer sheets. My dogs are not allowed IN my bed, only ON it, so the comforter takes a beating being washed so often. That's a small price for the enjoyment of having these two goofballs.

Barked: Sat Aug 21, '10 12:27pm PST 
My mom taught me one trick to keep the covers clean from the pets being on the bed. She always kept a flat sheet over everything. If company was coming over she would pull that off. Then you only have to wash the sheet, most of the fur stays on the sheet.
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