How often should a dog be groomed in the winter

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Just wondering how often I should groom my dog in the winter? She's a border collie mix. thinking

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She should be groomed the same all year round wink
Do you mean a professional grooming ?

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I think this is one of those questions with a lot of different answers. In the end it really depends on the dog. I go by how the coat looks. If it looks good no reason to bathe. If it gets greasy or too flaky(she has allergies) we give her a bath. Also go by smell. If she stinks, it's definitely bath time!

And of course for dogs with longer hair, they do need to be brushed often. I brush Maya a couple times a week to prevent any matting in her fur. Amount of times brushed depends on how easily your dogs coat gets tangled in itself.

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Agree, as needed. Max just got the works as his ears were greasy, he was getting little knots and I was pulling out way too much fur every time I combed him out.

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I recommend that my clients have their dogs groomed every 6-8 weeks professionally, with home care at least once a week at home (brushing, nail trims, etc). Obviously, some dogs need more brushing, but that's a good rule of thumb for most breeds.

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As you usually would- perhaps even more often though.
Being inside with the heater on all the time can dry out her skin and make it flaky- then you might want to use a moisturizing oatmeal shampoo to wash her with. There's also a lot of dirt and mud in the winter time that contribute as factors too ( you can clean her ears out with water mixed with a little bit of white vinegar ). Brushing is still essential- year round- no matter what season it is.

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Hi Cassidy,
We brush and do nails regularly, but the bathing depends on the weather. It gets into single digits here and very dry so we don't bath until it warms, he can go a couple months or more without a bath. I don't like washing his natural oils off when it is so dry. Not sure if it is correct, but it works for us.smile

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As the others suggested, I groom in the winter as often as I normally do all year round. The only difference is how much hair I take out. In the winter time, I leave a bit of extra undercoat in, while in the summer I take as much undercoat out as I can. But everything else is the same.

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I pay more attention to Colt's paws in the winter. I make sure the fur and nails are trimmed well and stay as dry as possible during walks.

Other than that, he doesn't get any special grooming, although his fur is thicker and takes a little longer to brush out.

ETA: I do have a container of spray leave-in conditioner for when his skin gets really dry. It smells good, too, so I don't have to bathe as often.

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