Best brush for shedding Lab like coat

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Quentin- Flagg

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Barked: Mon Nov 23, '09 6:04am PST 
Hi all,

My pup sheds like crazy. I thought my GSD mix shed a lot, but I had no clue. The GSD coat shed mostly just clumps of undercoat and those were easy to remove with a rake. Quentin, on the other hand, has much thicker hair strands and little, if any, undercoat. So far, nothing is working to get that hair off, except laying on the couch and rubbing against my black clothes. BOL He sheds so much but when I brush him, nothing comes off. I've tried the Furminator, a rake, and a plastic paddle brush and none of it does anything.

So, what is the best type of brush for a medium length Lab textured coat??? I would be willing to run it over him several times a week if it would help reduce the shedding in my house and on my clothes.



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Barked: Mon Nov 23, '09 9:23am PST 
I like rubber curry combs for that type of hair.

Princess and the- Pea
Barked: Mon Nov 23, '09 9:40am PST 
Also try a warm bath and rubbing his fur all over several times to dry and remove loose hair. Furminator doesn't work? Too bad! Could also try a metal flea comb, that works on Max.

Brodie Bear

The Furry- Bull-Dozer
Barked: Mon Nov 23, '09 11:32pm PST 
I use this one Brodie, seems to work good. Just use it outside, gets rid of a ton of hair.

http://www.petdiscounters.com/c883/Gripsoft-Massager-Rubb er-Curry-Brush-p6862.html

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Barked: Tue Nov 24, '09 2:11pm PST 
Have you tried one of the little plastic oval "palm combs" that you used to get for a quarter or four bits at the barber shop? (Probably three bucks or more by now....) Just a plastic oval with short bristles of the same plastic, and usually a center loop that sort of flips up to go over your middle finger to keep it from sliding off your hand. Works a treat on Annie the Aussie, and the one we use is probably thirty years old.

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Barked: Tue Nov 24, '09 4:10pm PST 
Ok, for Mya (1/2 Lab, I know what you mean about the fur!!!) Here's how I groom/tips I've read:

You need:

Zoom Groom (or other rubber curry comb)

Shedding Blade

Shedding Control Shampoo

Coat Conditioner

Hair Dryer

Bathtub or kiddie pool


Bath the dog in warm water using shed control shampoo. Rub the water throughly through the coat (don't use shampoo yet) using your fingers or a rubber curry/bath glove. Rub vigorusly with a towl. Re-wet the dog and use shampoo this time, getting it everywhere except the dog's head/ears/eyes. Rinse VERY well and rub with towel while blow drying on LOW HEAT/COLD (where old clothes since you will be COVERED in hair! bol). Dry the dog the rest of the way by rubbing with a towel (really gets the hair out). Once dry, Use the shedding blade on the back/sides of the dog. THEN...bring out the curries and Zoom GRooms! I use a Zoom Groom and a small flexible rubber curry from a craft store from the deals section. BRUSH BRUSH BRUSH with the zoom groom and watch the fur FLY! Use the bigger one for the back/sides/belly and the smaller for legs/feet/ears/face (but be gentle). You can brish for hours with these things and they are soooooo worth getting as they get MUCH of the dead hair out! Finish with a bristle brush and coat conditioner!
Quentin- Flagg

King Q - king of clown- town
Barked: Thu Nov 26, '09 7:09am PST 
Thanks folks,

I bought a curry brush yesterday, and I'm going to try it this weekend and give Quenty a bath too. That ought to be fun; I'll probably have to fight with him to keep him from attacking the water. He loves water. BOL

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Barked: Sat Nov 28, '09 4:31pm PST 
Zoom Groom, Zoom Groom, Zoom Groom. It looked like a blonde snowstorm the first time my son used my dog's ZG on his yellow Lab. He had just brushed her at home and was complaining about the pale hair on the dark carpet. End of problem.