How often to strip a Schnauzer?

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With Uschi we have decided not to clip her, instead we are going to strip as one might do with a show dog. Yes, supposedly the process is unnecessary for a dog that's nothing more than a pet, but with the amount of time she spends outside she needs her all of her fur intact and when winter comes we want her to be nice and warm.

So far we've stripped her once, in the Spring, and I was wondering if doing it just once a year would be acceptable.

Right now we're brushing her a little bit every other day or so because some of her fluffy fur seems to be coming out, in what I assume is a normal bit of shedding for the season. She doesn't have as much new fur coming in as she did in the Spring (in the Spring she also lost the last of her puppy fur, so that might explain why there was so much hair that had to go then).

Is it necessary to strip her twice a year, or is good grooming all year long and stripping once in the Spring enough? I don't want to leave her with short hair right before it's supposed to get cold.

Our goal is not to make her look perfect, as you can see in her profile picture, we just want to do what is most comfortable for her.

And hopefully stripping is the right term for what you do to Schnauzers, otherwise I'm looking like a total idiot here (I'm not though, I sort of know what I'm doing, it's just that I'm teaching myself to do it with on help from professionals).

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No, you're totally right! Stripping is the right term.

I would strip her more often than once or twice a year. By that point you have to do MASSIVE work all at once. My experience with stripping schnauzers is that they do much better with more frequent intervals of stripping, though you won't have to do as much each time.

Honestly, if you're doing this at home, I'd do a little bit every couple of weeks to once a month, maximum. You don't have to do the whole coat at once, but I think this will make the process easier for you and help keep your dog used to this aspect of grooming. Keeping your pup used to the process is just as important as getting the job done, especially with something like stripping.

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I had a JRT my huMom stripped. She worked on him pretty much weekly. Look up "rolling", that keeps the coat in good shape all the time. Terriers look so nice with the top coat, the color is better. I think the skin stays in better shape for many dogs as well.


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Thank you for the advice, I'll work it into our weekly grooming routine right away.

I've never really found any information on this 'rolling' that you speak of though. Can you suggest where I start looking to find out more? I've tried searching here, but I don't think I'm using the right search terms since nothing that comes up seems related to grooming.

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This website should help to explain "Rolling" pretty well.


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Thanks for the link Nefertiti, it sounds pretty easy to do, especially since we're not trying for show quality appearance, just something that will keep Uschi comfortable outside, even when it gets colder out.

I just want to be sure about one thing though, this can be done in such a way as to leave her fur a bit on the long side, right? Because the article makes a big deal about the length of the hair, without actually getting across how long the hair will be. When winter gets here I want her to have enough fur that she can spend plenty of time outside.

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by properly maintaining the coat (removing the shed or shedding coat) on a regular basis, you are actually encouraging the coarse coat that helps protect schnauzer's from the elements (cold, wet, etc). The gaurd hairs are coarse and easier to keep clean and don't absorb dampness like the softer undercoat. They dry qicker and debris brushes out easier. By removing the undercoat, you would actually make her more "weather-proof" so-to-speak.

Carding and rolling the coat on a regular basis is also good for the skin. Schnauzer's are prone to Schnauzer Comodome Syndrome (some call it schnauzer bumps), which is caused by clogged folicles when the hairs become trapped and is quite prevalent in dogs who's coats are not maintained regularly. So the carding and rolling are not only for appearance sake, but for actual skin health.