silky terrier hair and hairstyle

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Corkie, my- velcro dog
Barked: Wed Jul 12, '06 6:58pm PST 
Hi! I am Corkie and I am a silky terrier. I have never seen another silky with hair like mine- especially in the ears!
My Momma says she thinks its really cute!1 But all the rest of the silky boys and s seem to have much less or no hair hanging from their ears! I look like a lion face! And some of yall got curly hair!! Am I abnormal?? I am getting a 'summer' haorcut on monday,, so maybe Momma will post a picture. I am getting my nails trimmed (YUCK) and my anals squished too! maybe I wont scoot so much,, it itches and Momma tried to fix it,, but it did not work,,
oh well,
What is with my hair???!??

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Toto, CD, RN, CGC

We don't do- doodles!!!
Barked: Thu Mar 21, '13 2:44pm PST 
Normally the hair on the ear is kept short in a silky and the face should be fairly short as well. Their coat should be straight, not curly, and parted in the center from the top of the head to the tail.

support the- rabid
Barked: Fri Mar 22, '13 1:03pm PST 
Paris gets what I call "winter ears." In warm weather she has real short hair on her ears, but in the winter she gets little feathery tufts sticking out. It's so weird. You can see the various states of her ear hair in her profile pictures. The "winter ears" show up really good in the pic of her in the black & white houndstooth jacket. The only trimming she has had done is on her nubby tail and rear area.

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