Detangler for dogs?

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Hi all! Maggie just had a bath on Sunday night and I combed her like crazy before I blew dry her. (She gets chilly if I don't blow dry her... even though she hates the blow dryer!) Anyway, last night I was just randomly playing with her feet when I noticed that both front paws had HUGE matts in them... and I mean HUGE! Both stretch from the tip of the paw up to almost her ankle. I don't know where they came from! I brush her daily, too.

I got the brush and started working on them but they just were NOT coming out. I alternated working on both of them for an hour before I figured Maggie had probably had enough of me tugging at her little feet frown I tried again this morning but she wasn't having it. Is there a doggie detangler that might help with this problem? Maggie's white hair seems to knot up MUCH faster than her black fur, and they have different consistancies as well. The white is a lot finer and thus tangles easy, and the black seems to be more thick. Also, is there perhaps a special brush or comb I should be using to work out these knots? I know cutting them out is always an option, but I'd rather spare her the bald spots if at all possible! Thanks in advance!

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If you have to resort to cutting them out, try using thinning shears. They don't cut all the hair when you make a cut, so she wouldn't have a noticable bald spot, just areas that were thinner. And for a detangler, I use Show Sheen (a horse product) and dilute it 3 parts water to 1 part Show Sheen, mixed in a spray bottle.. For problem areas, soak the matt in the solution and wait for a few minutes before brushing it out. You can also put it all over her after her bath, as a leave in conditioner. It will leave her feeling very silky and less prone to tangles.

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Hi! My momma gets this stuff for me at the walmart. It is in the people hair stuff in the ethnic hair section. It is called " smooth n shine polishing" spray on polisher. Momma uses it on her hair cuz her hair is almost 4 feet long! This stuff sprays on and looks and feels like it mite be greasy or oily but,, boy do those tangles go away!! AND it does NOT leave my hair oily!! It just shines and smooths and detangles ohhhh so good!! Alot cheaper than those fancy dog coat shiners 'n stuff,, momma cant afford those,, She did use something called 'in the wind' only because she got a free sample,, it costs 14 dollars for 4 ounces..

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If maggie's five months old, she might be going through her coat change from puppy coat to big-dog coat. With briards, when the coat change comes people say it's like the dog mats up if you just look at 'em sideways. And never go to sleep and say "I'll get that mat in the morning." because by morning it will have tripled in size. X-D

best detangler I know of is called "the stuff" and can be bought either concentrated or diluted. it's a lot like show sheen in "feel".

Also, make sure you're not just surface brushing. It might be time to break out the old linecombing technique to make sure you're getting all the way down to the skin. One of the best descriptions of linebrushing was found on a beardie website. Linebrushing is the backbone of successfully grooming a Beardie. Using your brush, make a part either horizontally across the dog or vertically down the dog. Use the part as the base for linebrushing. Ensure the brush penetrates down to the skin and brush the hair up or to the side, away from the part. Mist the coat with water or water with conditioner as you go. Divide the dog into sections (head, neck and chest, shoulders, side, rear, tummy, legs) and completely brush that section before moving on. I start at the head and move to the rear. (from: http://bccc.pair.com/grooming.htm)

The biggest problem groomers see is people who do, indeed, brush their dogs every day but forget the important part of making sure you're combing all the way to the skin. As your puppy's coat matures, this is going to become more and more important. 'Cos one good comb-out will be worth ten million surface brushing sessions and will cut your grooming time down lots.
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The best detangler you can possibly get is Cowboy Magic. It is for dogs, humans, and horses, and it works wonders!! It instantly detangles the hair and leaves it soft and shiny. I have tried many products, many of which were really expensive, and this is the only product that lives up to its name, and it is not expensive. It really does work like magic, you will love it!! You can buy it at a pet store that sells horse stuff or at Petsmart or you can go to their website to locate a store near you. Oh and you won't need much, a little goes a long way with this stuff and a small bottle will last you a long time.
www.cowboymagic.com. Here are some links that talk about Cowboy Magic. http://www.yorkietalk.com/forums/showthread.php?t=42824&highlight=co wboy+magic
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http://www.yorkietalk.com/forums/showthread. php?t=45244&highlight=cowboy+magic

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Bonaparte covered everything I was going to say!

I personally use a product called D-Mat. It's made by Tropiclean (we use the shampoo, too) and is available at PetCo. The groomer I used to work for loved this line of hair care products, so I got to use the D-Mat a lot on all of those long-haired dogs! Sometimes we'd get some really matted dogs in - and, I kid you not, I'd put this stuff on them, work it in, and watch the mats fall out.

It works as a mat preventative, too. Storm gets it every time he is bathed, and it's fun to watch his coat go from snarly to smooth and straight on the final rinse. Storm, by the way, has never had a true mat while he's lived with me - although he does get some tangles due to licking/biting because of his allergies. I consider that a special case, though.


One more Beardie link to go with Bonaparte's:

http://beardie.net/hobo/description/bearded_collie_faq/grooming1 01.htm

Hobo the Beardie's grooming page gives you a step-by-step guide to line brushing. I've seen a site with pictures, too, but I can't seem to find the link!

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We haven't had to break out our detangler yet, so I highly recommend using a moisturizing shampoo in combination with a creme rinse. Make sure you let both sit on the coat for a few minutes before rinsing so they can work their magic.
Also, I do a total go over both before and after a bath. I start with a poodle comb, go over the whole body, then progress to a smaller and smaller tooth width, a finish witha line brushing.
A bath will turn a slightly snarled Arrow into 'rasta dog'.
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For a detangler I'd recommend Pet Silk "Silk Sheen" or "The Stuff."
However for tangles I have found the best thing is a dematting comb/blade... Just be very careful when you use one...

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Sounds like your baby is losing his baby coat. My male Rookie had a
real hard time with mats too.
I had to start brushing him more often but for shorter sessions, some
days 3 or 4 times a day but for only 5 or 10 minutes.
Also, invest in the best grooming equiptment, it tends to pull the
skin less and a good qualtiy conditioner and spray bottle.
dilute the conditioner as directions state and use that as long with a
good brush to de-mat. There are also several types of mat breakers
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Barked: Sat Jul 15, '06 5:44am PST 

I use Kenic Ultra-D Dematting Sp. If you have a cream rinse for dogs you can cut that down with water, spray on the mat and let it sit for awhile. It should work just like any other dematting sp.