Question about Greyhound trainability

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Theodore Bear
Barked: Wed Aug 29, '12 7:31am PST 
I'm looking into adopting a rescue Greyhound (3 years old) for work as a service dog for myself. He passed my initial temperament assessment (our modified version of the Volhard aptitude test for adult dogs) with flying colors.

This post describes the dog in more detail, in case you're interested:
http://www.dogster.com/forums/thread_url.php?thread_id= 753672

And here's a picture:

For some reason my biggest concern is that he's had zero obedience history and does not already know the "Down" command. (I'm less concerned with sitting--but being able to lie under a table and remain invisible is a huge part of service dog public access. It will significantly delay my training with him if he takes a long time for him to learn it, and it will ruin him as a service dog if for some reason he can't learn it.)

I read and watched the videos on this page:
http://neversaynevergreyhounds.blogspot.com/search/label/Down s

I'm just curious.. Has anyone had trouble teaching their Greyhound the "Down" command? How trainable are Greyhounds in general? Does it help or matter if the Greyhound is food motivated or attentive to people, or do they just take longer to "get" commands than, say, a Golden Retriever?

Barked: Sat May 31, '14 7:06pm PST 
Lie Down was the first command that I ever learned in a home. I usually still need my owner to put her hand on the ground for me, but I respond quite well.

Barked: Sat May 31, '14 7:07pm PST 
And just realized that this post is ancient.