Looking for the right greyhound...

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Hello Greyhound forum!

I have two delightfully crazy shiba inus (female, 2 in june - male, 3 in november). They are well socialized and live to play with one another and other dogs. We are in a doggy social group with members as small as cairn terriers and as big as neopolitan mastiffs.
Our shibas tend to play the most with other spitz dogs (american eskimos, huskies) and a greyhound. They greyhound is a bit older, 5 or 6 I believe, and is a rescue.

We've thought for a while how nice it would be for us to welcome a rescue greyhound into our home, but since I only know that one person with one, I'm looking for more first-hand info on
- exercise needs (we walk 2-3x's daily and hike on weekends in all weather)
- housing needs (we live in a townhouse)
- compatibility with smaller dogs [our shibas are 16lbs (f) and 21lbs (m)]
- dietary needs (we feed grain free fish based diet)

and anything else we might need to know.

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Hi Kitsu (and Kitsu's parents),
It sounds like like a greyhound would fit very well into your home. You didn't mention- although, I think you've probably heard- if you know that we greyhounds shouldn't be offlead unless we are in a fenced area, because our"prey drive" is thousands of years old. In other words, one squirrel or rabbit and we would be off, and no amount of training or pleading can be counted on to stop us. Often we get so excited and run so far that even if we don't run into traffic (perish the thought!!!) we can easily become lost because we can get disoriented. A fenced yard is ideal, but if you take frequent walks (and you do) and trips to a safe area like a dog park, he or she would be fine! We actually do very well, even in apartments. (That's why we're called "the 40MPH Couch Potato)laugh out loud

As far as getting along with"small dogs" a Shiba should be fine with most of us. If you are around any smaller dogs, it might be prudent to get a "turnout muzzle" ( a muzzle that allows us to drink, eat and pant ) when taking us to the dogpark, because we CAN get a bit rough or mouthy when we are running full tilt, and could easily scare little dogs.shrug Some of us greyhounds are NOT safe with small dogs (or cats), but the rescue agency will screen to see if we are safe for your home. Just ask them!

The food sounds fine, however, each of us is different, and you never know if we will do well on a new food until you try it! Just remember to introduce the food slowly with some of our old food, and it should be fine!

Congratulations on deciding to adopt a greyhound into your life. Be prepared to get addicted! way to go

Oh, and remember this: "Adopt a Greyhound, Lose a Couch!"