Cat urine smell?

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Hello! I have a 3 and a half month old swissy named Reece. He is a beautiful healthy little boy. The only problem we seem to be experiencing is that he has a smell....like cat urine!!

We do have two cats in the house but Reece does not have access to their litter box. We keep that in the basement and he has not mastered the stairs just yet! We did switch his food about two weeks ago to nature's domain salmon and sweet potato. I did a little investigating online and found that this could be the issue however, it also might not. We took him to the vet this past Sunday and I mentioned the smell. The vet didn't ask any further questions or do any kind of examination and just told me one of my cats is probably peeing on my dog. Now, I don't know how many of you have experience with cat pee, but usually it will make your entire house smell. I don't think either of my cats has perfect aim to urinate ONLY on the dog without getting any on the floor...If we bathe him (which I am trying to refrain from), the smell will go away for few hours and then return again.

Just wondering if anyone else has had a similar issue or idea? He loves his food and has no other problems so I would like to wait until closer to the end of this bag of food to start changing it over to something else. Especially if the smell is only bothering me and I can stand it for that long!!

PS. I do plan on seeing another vet as clearly this woman does not care about the health or well being of my dog and is just there to collect a paycheck.

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Cat Urine consists of mainly three chemical parts the urea, which makes the urine sticky and allows the other two parts to create odors. Urochrome gives the urine its ugly yellow color that stains carpets, furniture the walls and anywhere the cat sprays or urinates. The third part of the urine is made up of Uric Acid. The uric acid in the urine consists of salts and crystals that give off the extremely pungent odor that turns into an invisible gas. Spray’s and candles are just short term fixes until the next accident. A permanent solution, a product called AirReNu, only has to be applied one time, works night and day 24/7/365, removing cat urine odors.