Pyrenees and cats

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I have a three year old pyrs that I adopted, she is a guard dog for my goats and horses. Very sweet, but I am wondering how she would tolerate a barn cat. She will kill a opossum or anything that comes onto her property that isn't supposed to be there. Any suggestions?
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i notice you posted from quite some time ago but thought i'd check in to see if you went ahead and had your Pyr meet up with a cat and wanted to know whether it went well or not.

my boy has his own kitty and the two are great friends.

they don't quite snuggle together but fleetwood sleeps on his sofa cushion and nolan - his cat -sleeps directly above him on top of the sofa back rest. they often sit together under the tree on our front lawn too - many people have stopped to take their picture.

they both tag team me and wake me up at 6:38am - not 6:30 - 6:38am wanting to go out - which they do - together.

fleetwood mac is very gentle 99%of the time though he has 'accidentally' put his large paw on nolan's head - which means he wants to play - nolan never responds well to the invitation and usually runs off.

only on occasion does fleetwood engage in a cat chase though it's usually nolan who starts it.

oh, and there was the time that fleetwood, ever so gently, put his mouth around the cat's back/waist. but only for a quick second. nolan often walks right under him while he stands around and i happened to see fleetwood bend his head down and it appeared to me that he was going to bite/eat or pick up nolan with his giant jaw.

he didn't hurt him at all - so it would appear, that fleetwood was maybe just 'testing' to see whether or not - he could fit his kitty in his mouth - if by some remote chance he needed to possibly 'carry' nolan somewhere!!

he hasn't done anything even close to that again.

the fact that Pyrs are good with other animals is one of the main reasons i was interested in the breed.

i just love his kind spirit and heart. kitty