Nasty dew claw wound :(

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Barked: Sun Dec 11, '11 1:12am PST 
I think I need the advice of people who know the pyr breed.

Here's the long story: On Oct. 30, she got bit on the paw at the dog park, and as it turned out, a toe was broken. The vet said she needed a splint (What could be worse than not being able to run, play, dig, etc. for a 7 mo. old puppy?). About a week into having the splint, I notice that it was really bothering her. I had it redone and there were some pressure points, especially around some of the nails. But I trusted my vet and left the new splint on until earlier this week when my vet took it off. And the outer dew claw had a big nasty wound on it.

Info relevant to the current problem: The claw fell off this morning. Then, while it was drying after I washed it she managed to get at it around her cone and was licking the quick and/or biting it. I've been reading that a pyr's dew claw is actually connected to bone. And when I look at where the quick is, there is a hard white bit there. Am I looking at the bone, or some part of the anatomy of the quick?

She's on oral antibiotics, I wash it with antimicrobial shampoo daily, and put antibiotic/pain relief ointment on it. I'm aware that the claw may or may not grow back, but I'm more concerned about if the bone is exposed or not and the possibility of infection.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.