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Can I eat- that???
Barked: Tue Jul 5, '11 7:29am PST 
My girlfriend and I just recently adopted a Great Pyrenees puppy. We decided to name her Fluffy as that is about the only thing we could think of to call her that she responded to smile

She is almost 11 weeks old and weighs 23lbs. We are looking forward to gaining a lot of insight from this forum. I am new to the breed, and my girlfriend worked at a farm where they were the family pets/ livestock guardians.

I apologize for the not so great pics of her, but they were taken with my phone to set up this account. I will get some better ones uploaded soon! She's a wiggly little monster sometimes!

If anyone has any tips for an owner of a new pup please share them. I am anxious to learn all I can.

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