Torn Ligament (CCL) in Giant Breeds

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Barked: Tue Feb 23, '10 11:48am PST 
Our just-turned-six-year-old female Pyr has a torn ligament in her rear knee. Has anyone had a similar injury with their dog? What was your experience?

I want to hear from people before we decide what route to take.


Barked: Tue Mar 2, '10 6:24am PST 
my neighbor's dog (lab) has a tornleg ligament and he had to have a $1500.00 surgery to repair the damage. Our Aussie, who is no longer with uscry, had torn ligaments on the side of her leg (she was running so fast, could not stop in time and ran into a trailer) her injuries turned into severe arthritis, joint inflammation/pain in the end. My moms dog (rott) broke his leg and paw then a few years later that turned into torn leg ligaments-he still limps.
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Surgery will be needed.
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