Great Dane aggression.

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Barked: Wed Aug 21, '13 9:15pm PST 
Hi, was seeking some semi-professional advice on what to do with my one year, two month old Great Dane who is acting out a bit more than usual.

First, let me disclose that she's had several changes to adapt to lately that have most likely given her some additional stress:
1. moved from Michigan to Tennessee.
2. Switched her food.
3. Adopted a new puppy- a female German Shepherd/Newfie mix (who she acts very mother-like to.)

Before all of these changes occurred, she was a highly energetic dog. She has been to beginner and intermediate training classes at petsmart and did great in them... walked okay and behaved great with dogs and people of all ages, sizes and genders. The only time she ever acted out was at the vets... and even then she just growled while getting her shots (and I held her mouth shut just in case.)

After, however (and these behaviors have progressed), she has been nipping not only at our new vet, but at strangers who want to pet her (when we are with or without the puppy), and growling and barking at everyone and everything that moves. I can only take her on a nice walk if there are no people or other dogs nearby- if she sees either she will freak and pull like she never has before- even with her gentle leader on. She has also lost about 5 pounds.. which is a lot considering she was only 85lbs to begin with.

I don't know if I can blame the sudden change of character all on her lifestyle changes... I feel like a failure as a pet parent and am not sure what to do. She is a very sweet dog, just seems to be becoming very fearful and overprotective. If any of you have any suggestions I would be more than happy to listen and take them into consideration.. I am desperate.

Also, to add: she does SO well at the dog park with other dogs... its mainly humans that she responds negatively to... she doesn't like them touching or making eye contact with her at all. She'll just stray away from the owners and pounce around with all the dogs.