Great Dane Puppy - Hip Scores

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Hello there,

I'm new here and was wondering if you could help me please...

Our 10 year old Blue Dane, Alfie, died 2 months ago aged 10. My husband and I can't cope without him so we're getting another.

We've fallen in love with this little girl: http://www.champdogs...uk/litter/28334 who is KC registered etc, but her mum's hip score is 14 and her Dad's is 19. Are we asking for trouble here? I'd hate to have a puppy and see it in pain with its hips in a few years time. We're avid walkers, walking around 5 miles a day and our Dane would go with us.

What do you think, are thee scores too high? I know the mean should be lower than 13, but *sigh* will it really mean she'll have bad hips when she's older?

Thanks so much for any advice you can offer.

Kindest regards,


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If you're still around-- I would honestly pass on this pup.
With large breeds you're probably going to deal with hip/joint problems at one point or another. But these dogs scores are borderline dysplasic, at 3 years old.

The mother is owned by a Labrador breeder, isn't shown and has no health testing other than hips and nothing to show for her temperament. It says she has a good one, but she has no titles or accomplishments.
The labrador breeder owning the Dam does loads of testing on her labs: Hips, Elbows, Eyes, Cardiac, DNA testing, etc.. But did nothing for the Dane..

Also I don't think Harles are supposed to be bred together, they can throw blind/deaf puppies I believe..

If you can give me your location and preference in color, I would love to help you find a dane breeder! (: